Honestly it seems that the biggest publications on Medium are disproportionately pushed to readers.
Louis Chew

Yeah, I don’t know that there’s a perfect solution for it. Again, I genuinely like and believe in the meritocracy of the system as a whole— part of which is that big publications are curators of talent.

I guess, I’d just like to believe that Medium won’t simply turn into a news stand where you basically get fed more and more exclusively from the big players, and smaller, high quality sources are only visible if you really dig for them.

At the end of the day, Medium obviously has to make money (as we’re all extra in tune to now) so they need to promote content that can snowball. And keep their readers coming back.

It’s an interesting challenge for sure. It would be fun to see how the Medium team weighs all the factors in their algorithm and the strategic / business decisions that influence it.

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