Plan your International Vacation Efficiently with ClayPlay

Have you ever been to an international destination? If not, this is the time to plan your own vacation and choose a package as per your interests & budget. Sometimes, a tour package from a tour operator can turn out to be quite messy. However, you can now avoid all the chaos and still get a package tailored to your choice and liking. ClayPlay is a new name in the travel family, but has come up with some unique thoughts to transform the booking criteria. 
ClayPlay believes in lending freedom in the hands of the travelers when it comes to booking international tour packages from India. This means it depends on you when you want to travel and to which destinations of the world. The number of days you want to spend on a particular place will also be your sole decision. No one will recommend you to explore the destinations of their preference. 
Booking customized holiday packages from here is extremely simple. You just need to follow some easy steps.
1. To plan your journey, firstly choose the place from where you will start your trip. Pick a date and destination of your choice.
2. Pick the mode of transportation to get transferred from airport to the hotel. Two options are available in particular. While standard car is perfect for 1 to 3 passengers, mini bus is ideal for those with a group of 6 people in maximum.
3. The next step is to choose the hotel. You will find countless accommodation options on the site. Choose the one that suits your requirements and budget. Also, select the room type as per your convenience. 
4. Select the activities you want to indulge in during the trip. A plethora of activities are listed on this travel company’s website along with their duration and prices. Pick the activities you like the most.
5. Once everything is booked, the utmost step is to opt for travel insurance. It is one of those important things that you should definitely have when holidaying at an international location. Visit for more details.

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