Refugees and Indigenous Beliefs

So, I don’t get why there are some injuns that are freaked out over bringing over Syrians and helping them out… Well no, I do know. The freaked out injuns are the fully assimilated apples. They’re brainwashed redneck redskins.

The old code of Turtle Island was if a person needs help, you help them. Simple as that. If you went back with a time machine and told the Iroquois what would happen if you helped Cartier navigate the St Lawrence Seaway, you know what they would have done? Help Jacques Cartier up the river. Why? Because Chartier’s boys would have died in all likelihood, and that shit don’t fly on Turtle Island if you can help it. You help when someone needs help.

Turtle Islanders have a history of doing this, even when poor themselves. Like the Choctaw and the Irish Famine and in modern times with the San Bernardino attack.

And of course the biggest help (and gift), not letting the first settlers and explorers die off in the early years of European expansion.

So when 1500–2000 Syrians make their way to the Manitoban region in the next while, I’d happily give up the Kapyong Barracks, which is in the plans to become an urban reserve. Most likely a temporary measure, but it’s a roof over cold Syrians heads in the dead of a Winnipeg winter. It’s our duty as natives to welcome them in safely.

Now, to address the freak outters… I see this as a win-win for Indigenous. One win, as I’ve already described, it’s our duty. And the other win, if they turn out to be this big burden on Canada or a flock of terrorists or terraformers looking to expand rapidly across the “western world” as the whacko right wing media would have you believe, then look at it this way; Karma. And we have a front row seat. :)

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