3 Ways StarCredits Will Revolutionize Entertainment

Clay Space
Sep 20, 2017 · 3 min read

We believe that StarCredits have the ability to alter the way audiences interact with entertainment and the way production companies monetize their production. Our plan to accomplish this is with a story world that comes to life through a webseries, graphic novel, and an exhilarating interactive experience.

The challenge: no one has ever done this before. And with trailblazing comes unexpected difficulties.

While discussing ways that StarCredits could be used within our story world, we bounced a lot of ideas back and forth. Ideally, the StarCredit would be a native part of every aspect of the experience.

But the issue was that blockchain technology is still very far behind where it needs to be for mainstream consumerism. And, unfortunately, our brand is untested and unknown, making it difficult for us to dictate consumer behavior.

Why would someone spend money on an indie production they have never heard of?!

A sneak peak at some key art from the Back to Earth Webseries

We determined that if we require the use of StarCredits to interact with our content at this stage, we’ll never have any viewers. And without viewers, no one will ever use our token.

We spent lots of time restructuring our expectations and goals to determine ways in which we could encourage audience members to interact with our (untested) brand without requiring them to use a technology they might know nothing about.

It was no easy task, but the result of many brainstorming sessions is a freemium model that focuses on drawing people into our experience, educating them about blockchain technology, and then exciting them about the prospect of using a digital token.

The plan hinges on utility and the power of storytelling.

StarCredits will not be required to participate, but they will greatly enhance your experience.

Our main concern was that we didn’t want to fall into a similar trap as many of the tokens currently on the market. These tokens have rampant speculation driving up price, but no true utility for token holders. It’s one thing to say that your token provides a certain capability, it’s another to have token holders actually take advantage of it.

We’ve outlined three ways in which we believe StarCredits will see the most use among both the crypto community and a mainstream audience that may know nothing about cryptocurrencies.

1. StarCredits Can Assist You in Completing the Interactive Experience

Stuck and need a clue? You can use StarCredits to help you advance through the hard parts of the interactive experience. Clues shouldn’t be expensive, and the power of digital tokens come from their ability to process micro-transactions.

Change your perception! StarCredits can be used to discover hidden content. This content won’t be easy to find, but it might alter your view of the world that is unfolding before you.

Time crunch? The interactive experience will be divided into modules, with new modules released after a brief waiting period. You can speed up this process with StarCredits.

2. StarCredits Give You Access to Exclusive Content

There’s proof of work, proof of stake, and now try proof of media. Well, er, we’re still working on a better name. But holding StarCredits in your wallet for a given period of time will give you early access to new releases and exclusive content.

Think of it as a subscription service that allows you to back out whenever you want and take your tokens with you.

3. StarCredits Get You Discounts

Yep, this one is simple. Use StarCredits to get discounts on merchandise.

In our early start up phases, the token will be used to get percentage discounts on fiat orders. But as our production expands and we’re able to build out our infrastructure and brand, we hope that StarCredits will be used outright to purchase any Back to Earth merchandise or entertainment.

As our brand expands and we gain market traction, we plan to also expand the ways in which our token interacts with our content. StarCredits will be the first digital token EVER to power a multi-platform story world economy.

Being first is never easy, but if we’re right, StarCredits will revolutionize the entertainment industry.

Clay Space

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Storyteller, World Builder, Blockchain Entrepreneur. Creator of Back to Earth | Email: clay@backto.earth