Major Back to Earth Updates

There have been many changes to our company in the last five months, and it is finally time to let them out. Things have been CRAZY, and the fun is just getting started.

Every day I am blown away at the unbelievable work our team creates. Our entire team has gone above and beyond what we’ve asked of them, and their belief in our project is helping ensure that we are creating something truly special. When you see it, I’m sure you will notice the magic as well.

Here are a few updates, rumors, and random tidbits on the state of Back to Earth.

  1. Back to Earth Productions has re-branded to Blockspace Media

We are one of the first companies to explore storyworld tokens and how users might interact with a blockchain within an entertainment experience. As such, I decided that it would be best that the production company re-branded to show that we can help other projects and services bring their entertainment experiences to market as well.

As we prove the game-changing nature of Back to Earth, we hope to court more clients and talents to expand the company’s vision.

By working together we may be able to set a new standard for crypto entertainment.

2. The ARG is rebranding to an Interactive Experience

Most people simply don’t know what an ARG is. For that reason, we decided to rebrand the name to “interactive experience” so that it would be easier to explain to the other 99%.

Furthermore, the interactive experience is being built so that it can be re-playable at anytime. This isn’t a one-off, it is a reusable platform!

3. We won’t build an app… yet

In our original white paper we said that we intended to build an app. However, the app market’s oversaturation of mobile games makes it very difficult for developers or projects to receive any ROI on game development. So the decision became obvious: let’s put our money towards a better purpose!

The result is that our three pillars are a webseries, a graphic novel, and the interactive experience.

4. Each of our three pillars will tell a different story

The Back to Earth universe is expansive, and there is no need to tell the same story on each platform. Each pillar will give you a unique perspective into this world we have created.

The exciting thing is that you will see a lot of crossover. A major plot line in one pillar will have an affect on an aspect of one of the other pillars.

5. What is being built and when

As I’m sure you have seen all over social media, we have finished production on our webseries pilot and are now in post-production.

As you may have also seen on social media, our graphic novel series is now in production. We are creating three issues, with the first issue also being animated — complete with voice over.

Our interactive experience is currently in preproduction. After a period of intensive development, we’ve built a detailed roadmap for an expansive story in multiple chapters — or modules, as we’re calling them. The current plan calls for seven modules, although we may add more later.

We’ve made a decision to produce the first module as a pilot, and hold production of the additional modules for when we go into production for the rest of the web series. This was not an easy call to make, but we believe it is the right one!

6. The Interactive Experience Timeline and Decision

After looking at the overall storyworld for Back To Earth and the market we are going to enter, we felt there were several compelling reasons to focus on just producing the first module of the interactive experience.

The design of the interactive experience winds through the entire mythology of Back To Earth. It shows multiple viewpoints, various timelines, places, people, and events. It threads together the web series and graphic novel to create a unified whole.

Any company interested in buying our content will likely want to have creative input on the full production — which would also dictate changes in the interactive experience. To account for those potential changes, we thought it would be more effective to mirror the web series model, and produce a single module as an interactive pilot.

The interactive experience introduces several major characters who will factor heavily into future parts of the webseries. We looked at casting many of those parts for the experience, and signing those performers for later appearances in the webseries. But on a practical level, that poses many difficulties with contracts and scheduling.

Also, once fully-funded we will likely be able to consider a wider pool of actors. We could find ourselves producing the interactive experience twice with two different sets of performers, and that’s simply a waste of money!

But by far, the most important reason for this decision has to do with StarCredits and the innovative ways they will be used to interface with the story world. We have a strong plan for StarCredit interactions — but every plan needs to get tested in the real world. The first module of the interactive experience will allow us to see what you like, what doesn’t work, and what needs improvement — and allow us to engineer those refinements into later modules.

Though we are taking the time to test our StarCredit interactions and build the necessary platforms to implement them, the complete interactive experience will be built — even if the web series doesn’t receive additional funding.

7. Go to Market Strategy

If we find a partner who is willing to leverage their audience and fund our first season, we will see a massive uptick in awareness about our project (and, thus, our token). Finding the right partner for Back to Earth is super important, and this could take some time.

While it may mean a longer wait for fans, this has the opportunity of allowing Back to Earth to reach its full potential.

There are two major buyer and seller events coming up in the following months: AFM and NATPE. These markets are prime opportunities for Blockspace Media and our partners to get in touch with some of the big hitters in the entertainment industry.

By no means does this guarantee that we will sell Back to Earth. If we are unable to get funding/distribution for a first season, we will still be self-releasing the graphic novel, the webseries pilot, and the FULL interactive experience sometime in 2018.

8. Marketing

We are looking to increase our marketing presence in the crypto space. We are holding off on anything crazy in order to determine the best possible time to begin a marketing push in the crypto community.

We also have plans for some non-traditional marketing in the public realm. Much of our plans hinge on what takes place at AFM or NATPE and the opportunities we may acquire.

9. Remaining StarCredits held by Blockspace Media

Blockspace Media still holds 15 million StarCredits — with another .5 million set aside for Golden Ticket holders. We have no intention to release these tokens to the market or run an additional crowdfund until we can prove market traction.

While no money is ever enough, $1 million was plenty of funding to get us off the ground. The good news is that funding is not an issue right now, nor do we think it will be an issue in the months to come.

10. Where the funds are going

The funds allocation is sticking pretty closely to what we laid out in the white paper. The one area that has seen some unexpected changes was in our content creation. We went over budget with our webseries pilot in order to attract top talent, but we believe that this move has already paid off. After all, what is Back to Earth without good content?

So far, the fundraise gave us a runway of about 10 months — enough time to get us to the markets and look for buyers. The good news is that we did not liquidate all of the bitcoin we raised in the crowdfund, and we will be able to tap into this bitcoin (88 BTC) in the new year to speed up certain aspects of development/marketing if need be.

11. Exchanges

StarCredits are currently listed on Cryptopia.

Our company’s decision to not pay for an exchange listing is a principle that we will stick to. The space changes daily, and exchanges come and go frequently. There is a good chance that our project will outlast some of the exchanges that we could pay to be listed on.

Our focus is on creating long-term value for our token. There are other exchanges, most notably Bittrex and Poloniex, that do not ask for listing fees. Instead, they will only add the projects they see as a fit for their platform. Those metrics are internal and entirely out of our control.

An increase in the number of token creations in Q2 and Q3 of 2017 has made the vetting process for these exchanges difficult and overwhelming. The best way for us to get past these gatekeepers is to prove that we have a project worth listing.

12. Upcoming Releases — a new website, shop, and an interactive tidbit

We are in the process of an entire website overhaul that gives everyone in the community extensive information about our storyworld.

Following the release of our website, we are also building a shop that will allow you to get your geek on and buy some Back to Earth swag. StarCredits will give you awesome discounts on all this swag.

Additionally, we are diligently working on a gift for StarCredit holders. We are super excited about it and hope you will be too!

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