Clayton Moulynox
Oct 8 · 1 min read

For sure, we should. Social media and digital communications makes it all too easy to hide behind keyboards and spout off about things others say without the full context, understanding of their situation or ability to empathize. I cringe at some of the threads I see on Facebook, Twitter etc. Such unnecessary provocation and hate which would never occur face to face or even in spoken communications.

However, the act of being blocked or unfriended by someone is not one to take offense over. When I have a “real life” relationship with someone, I don’t always want to see their life in my feed because I often already know about it.

Or, sometimes their online persona is focused on a specific niche which isn’t the crux of our relationship. For example, perhaps they mostly post about health and wellness — yet our relationship isn’t centered on this and so I don’t want to read all the health and wellness stuff.

Blocking or unfollowing friends is kind of the digital version of not answering their incoming phone call because you don’t want to talk right at that moment. Or ending a conversation in person because it’s run it’s course.

When you’re ready — you can always call them back or find them and startup a new conversation…..or, in our digital lives, unblock / re-friend them.

    Clayton Moulynox

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    Startup foundations builder; Org culture; Status quo challenger; Starter of stuff; From big corp to $1b Startup; Aussie | xMicrosoft; xAuth0 |

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