Creative Spotlight — Craig Peters

Discovering Beauty in Complexity

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Hello designers, welcome. Please meet Craig.

Craig and his crew of digital designers over at Awasu Design make beautiful products, solve problems, and even “do pushups.”

If you haven’t seen a stunning UX design portfolio lately, head to immediately.

No really — it’s stunning.

Portfolio Gold

Bright and bold, shows you immediately just how good they are. Funky interactions, smart layout, and visual-heavy design dominates every second spent on their website.

Let’s take a look at how Awasu presents their complex portfolio in a beautiful way.

The portfolio pages are particularly smart. Shown below, as you hover across Awasu’s projects, Javascript prompts an inviting and easily clickable “See Case Study” button.

Shown here —’s Portfolio Section

As you view and scroll through a case study — such as — you see big, clear “hero images” showcasing their work, making the project easy to understand.

Shown here — First impressions of their case study

When you get to the bottom of a portfolio case study, the site immediately presents two new options before reaching the footer: 1) Previous Project and 2) Next Project. The call-to-action is clear and the site helps move me to the next case study to see more of their work.

Shown here — These are the options Awasu gives you upon reaching the end of a case study. The call-to-action is clear and the site helps you navigate immediately to the next case study, hence maintaining engagement on their site… brilliant!

Portfolio Advice from the Pro

Craig took the time to share tips with me for developing a stunning and memorable portfolio. He’s a busy guy as the CEO and founder of Awasu Design, so I’ll share what I learned here:

Hero Images — First impressions are crucial, so think about the single best image or visual display for your case studies.

Visuals — If you want to work as a designer, you need to think visually how to tell a story. Effective infographics, icons, or pictures are mandatory.

Squint Test — Does your portfolio make sense, at quick glance? Give your portfolio the squint test and update as needed.

Meet the Awasu Team

You can read Craig’s latest Medium post here or follow him on Twitter.

That’s all — thanks for reading. Now if only I could get my front-end skills up to speed fast enough to develop something similar for my own portfolio, things would be great.

Craig, thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and UX wisdom.

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