Why I’m leaving Snapchat and so are all your friends
Owen Williams

Ultimately I think the biggest question is not “Will Snapchat fail” but “Where can I get the most high quality attention”. If that’s on Instagram Stories, Snapchat or somewhere else, so be it. It seems you have found that on Instagram Stories so leaving Snapchat is a smart move.

Given Snap’s history of innovation, it seems a little soon to say they are dying soon. Let’s not forget they created all this for consumption by main stream culture and circular video on a smart phone. They also created an app that OWNS teenagers. One of the most coveted demos for advertising, how all these social networks make the majority of their money. It seems a little soon to count Snapchat out when Facebook’s history is buy anything we think might work and unless I’m mistaken, Snap has been ahead of them quite a bit with innovation the last 5 years.

Spectacles is just a taste of what’s to come since Snap is now a media company, camera company, messaging app / social network company and most importantly, a brand that could sell an untold number of other physical items.