Life is a Game of Chess

What’s your next move?

As someone that can never sleep, I often end up by the pool late at night with my laptop writing down my thoughts. Recently I came up with the idea that the next time I did that I would write out goals for myself to accomplish, both short-term and long-term. That ended up being Sunday night, and I came up with the list below.

My goal moving forward is to accomplish something different each day that pushes at least one category forward in some way. Whether that’s getting out and actually doing something, or just having a conversation with someone to build a bridge that will move something forward in the future.

I realize some of these goals are things I could accomplish in one day, and others will take a lifetime. As I keep doing this my plan is to check off the things I’ve accomplished and add new goals.

If this post can help others in any way, I hope it helps you ask yourself what you did today that will help you accomplish your goals. Whether it’s actually writing down the things you hope to get done, or taking a step back and becoming more aware of what you’re trying to accomplish.

Life is a game of chess. If you’re doing it right, each tiny movement leads toward an ultimate goal. And to be successful at chess, you have to think 3–5 moves ahead. These are my moves, what’re yours?


Go back to school

Journalism? Would lead toward a higher producing or writing job — Goals would be a national network or higher position at a local station

Communications? Would lead toward a PR job — Goals would be a sports team, a city job or a PR firm

Update resume


Get in good enough shape to complete a sprint triathlon — Exercise and diet changes — No more soda

Hike more — Once a week at least

Play on a basketball and or baseball team again


Find the right girl

Travel together — Ohio — San Diego — across AZ

Convince her to marry you

Buy a house

Have kids

Travel some more

Strengthen relationships with my mom, dad, Melissa and Jon

Personal time

Travel — Baseball stadiums — Australia — Boston/NY area — Seattle

Open a brewery — work for one on the side — PR? — Assistant brewer?


Hold another water drive

Find a shelter or food bank, etc that needs help in the mornings

Photo blog of homeless? — Would require a new camera or borrowing one

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