We’re Still Arranging the Deck Chairs

There are endless metaphors about the Titanic sinking, but this one seems to fit the best. Our country, and the world, is going underwater quickly, but we’re more concerned with the political arrangement than any solution. In the US, we are stuck choosing between a crooked, lying career politician, and the man who helped fund her campaigns. While we’re busy arguing over the lesser of two evils, both parties are trying to take away our Second and Fifth Amendment Rights in the name of safety, all without identifying the root cause of evil.

Louie Gohmert was shouted down on the House Floor for standing against Islamic Extremism. How long until shouting turns to violence?The country is much more divided now than anytime during my 32 years. We are pitted against each other on the basis of race, economic standing, religion, and even party affiliation. Does anyone think it’s a stretch to say that a civil war is not out of the question? In 1856, Senator Charles Sumner was nearly beaten to death in the Senate Chambers by Senator Preston Brooks. This was the catalyst for the Civil War. Senator Brooks was never prosecuted, and most of the Senate watched without raising a finger. How likely is it for this scenario to play out in present day? We’re already a nation of voyeurs that are more concerned with getting Facebook likes for a video than stepping in to help a fellow citizen. Half of Twitter would celebrate the beating, and say that the person deserved it. The other half would want revenge. Nationwide civil unrest to follow.

Now, how would a President Clinton or President Trump respond? Both seems to have no problem assassinating the character of political enemies. Trump has encouraged his supporters to violence at rallies. Would either of these people try to calm the nation? Would either have the restraint to not just crush the opposition in spite of Constitutional restraints? I don’t believe so. That’s how dictators are made.

Let’s not forget “Brexit”, or Britain’s potential exit of the European Union. Like it or not, all of the world’s economies are tied together. If they do exit, the Euro would plummet. What an opportune time for Russia or China to step in and save the day. That’s not even mentioning the potential danger to our economy. Our stock market is propped up by phony digital money, and interest rate have been kept at an artificial low. All it would take is one good crisis to bring the whole thing down. Unfortunately, many people would look to a strong figure to take control. The call for nationalizing the banks would be deafening. Both Clinton and Trump would relish in the opportunity to take that power.

We are in trouble. There is no politician that will save us. At this point, I’m not sure that anything can save us. We are headed for a reset, culturally, politically, and financially. When this happens, we must look to God and the Constitution to pull us out, not a strongman (or woman) with all the answers. The answer lies within the American people, in the ethics and morals of our grandparents. Our rights we given to us by God, and government should exist only to protect those rights. Arguing over who is the savior of the nation is doing nothing more than deciding what the wreckage looks like at the bottom of the ocean.

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