Burt Rutan’s Light Attack Plane Was Too Radical for the U.S. Military
War Is Boring

Two things I noticed in my Military Career as a ground pounder (NCO/Officer). I was a vehicle or aircraft to be silent. When in Iraq, I heard F-16’s coming a long way away, enough time to grab ADA assets. Apache was stealth until it was pretty close by. Never saw a B2 but did at a Nellis airshow: Nice and quiet until if flew over. F-18, F-15 both were loud when approaching. The A-10 was good until it banked and created some weird whoosh (yea I don’t know the proper word). I agree with others that the gun is too powerful for this small airframe. We do need inexpensive aircraft that can survive and be integrated into a IP Network with stand off weapon systems. Key is inexpensive. Boeing/Raytheon/Lockheed and others are raping the Govt with their programs. Osprey folks should execute themselves for the fraud they put over on the govt. While the aircraft now works but it cost big bucks and killed alot of good people. My two cents.

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