A Letter

To My Love

I can’t believe I haven’t written about you yet, it’s astonishing.

I remember the day we met, in the music shop I saw you and my eyes lit up. One of the associates came by and said you were new to town. I approached you, and your words had the most beautiful hum to them. You spoke with complete precision.

We showed each other what we could do for about an hour, the shop was closing soon, but the owner said to take our time. By the end of the hour we were headed to out, and you called yourself mine, I kissed you on the head.

I’d skip school to spend time with you

I’d daydream at work coming home to find you sleeping peacefully.

I can’t imagine a day without touching your body, feeling your neck, plugging you in, and placing my fingers upon your frets to make sounds no other bass guitar in this world could do. Even if it were another version of you, I’d feel untrue.

To my love that is always there,

Yours truly,

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