At the Tip of the Iceberg

Again, and again, and again.

This is the part that you find out a little more than the time before. When you stop and ask yourself why you keep going back only to find yourself further into your own lapse.

When you’re at the tip of the iceberg does it feel nice looking down?
To see everyone looking up,
But not up to you 
How does it feel that when you trickle to the bottom the only thing left is regret and the feeling to climb once more

The chance to fall right to the bottom
The feeling to go away, but you might never come back again.

The only thing present on your mind is staying inside your own head.

How could it be this way? You used to have so many things to say.

You had the desire to unload your head, and you didn’t even know where to start, where to begin.

Holding your hand down till the pressure breaks your pencils only lead. With blank pages staring in front, you decide to set in nowhere else, but the end.

For reasons unknown you didn’t try, and in some way your words were undermined.

What makes you feel the need to always find a new way to get to the top?
Do the old ways not work for you, anymore? Anymore than the new methods could do for you?
Well, where did you go, and where did you stay while you were on your way
Where were you planning to take yourself before you got up and walked away?

Was it the place you've known too well
The only home where you feel as a part of yourself, can't you just stay a while?
Have you even taken the time to read the books upon your dusty shelf?

With nothing left to give and nothing left to lose have you thought about it all?

You’ve got to make it to the top before you can think about the bottom.

You’ll fall fast, and you’ll fall like never before.

Before you fall, I'd like to know this

Who do you expect to be there when you arrive?

Who was up there when you were all alone in your head?

"Not a soul."

Up there friends don’t exist, and no one wants to try; you’ll see, and that’s why you’ll die on the inside. Being alone is hard, but loneliness is a tragedy.

Let it be known

It’s a fine line to the top, and one step wrong to the bottom. So if you aren’t prepared, take off your shoes, and awake from your slumber, ‘cause the melted pool is worse than the frozen surface of what’s above.

The difference is that the top doesn’t exist without a way down.

If you aren’t ready, don’t attend
If you feel weak, step away
If a doubt comes through on the telephone, answer it.
If you’re ready then uncap your mind and let’s begin to climb.

And Again.

You’re at the Bottom of the Iceberg

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