I’d Be Happy

“palm sweat,
nervous shake
i’ll be fine
it’ll be okay”

laughin' our worries away
we’ll always worry ourselves awake 
tell each other that the leak is plugged, with a straight face
we’ll always be sinking in open water where our laughs have nothing to say.

and if I had to bet on it 
I'd say I'm drowning 
at the cost of talking 
clearly I missed a thought 
can't spit it out and take it in 
at least not when you're learning to swim

spending our days with no budget plan
no one will ever be happy 
or so that’s what I’ve been told 
time and time again 
"without a road to drive on you can’t make it to your destination."
I reach down,
tying my shoes I give you a snide smile 
I’d be happy, 
just in spite of you

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