The Things We Never Understood

It’s that time in life, where everything is changing that you notice it’s always been this way. The world wasn’t the same yesterday, and it won’t be tomorrow. What about you?


As a child the world seems infinite, yet small, as if the universe itself is in the hands of tiny palms all over. Growing as an individual the world becomes indescribable, and that’s where we inevitably let the world describe us or we describe ourselves.

Letting the world take its toll.

Pondering through the days, building fixations upon the hours, tapping fingers hoping the big hand on the clock will move another muscle.

Biding our time, and never understanding why we are doing this or that.

Waking up,

One day to find that we reside in ourselves and not within the people around us. This is when an absence appears, an absence of ourselves. We’re a figment of what the world perceives us to be.

Feeling cold to realize how insane it is that you’re told to be comfortable living in the eyes of the world around you.

When you close your eyes it begins,

Taking hold,
of your mind, an understanding of the time we have, and not searching for a scapegoat, but rather finding the reason why.
So, if
the world doesn’t tell us to pause or to start, and the world doesn’t tell us to sit or to walk; why is the world leading us down the path we have most control of?
So, we begin.
Embracing ourselves as who we are instead of identifying as what we are.
Human, that is what we are. Consciousness, that is who we are.

You know who you are, aware that is. Everyone who sees you knows what you are, but strangely they don’t always know who they are.

Yet, everyday we are told to be ourselves; and never do we ask ourselves, “who am I?”

I’m human, and this defines my physical embodiment every single day. People who see me see that I’m this or that. What they don’t see, is that I’m alive in my mind, happily most days. They don’t see that I know who I am, they see that I am my physical self. When I look in the mirror, I don’t look at my hair nor my imperfections, I look into my eyes as its the closest I can see into myself without closing my eyes for good. I’m alive in this ever growing world as more than a body and a brain, but as a consciousness with the capability of more than just a thought or a reaction. I’m alive, I’m aware, I’m thinking, and above all I’m somehow understanding one of the many things we never understood.

Somehow, you can find yourself.

This isn’t the first thing, and it isn’t the last. I’m still finding out, and everyday is a new way.

The things that you never understood, those are the things you should be finding out.

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