The best programming language for beginners 2019

Clayton Waldock

If you’re new to programming or are just thinking about a career in development you are most probably thinking, “what language can I learn that is easy and I can use it in a full-time job?” I have been asked this question many times so I figured why don’t I write a blog post about it. Most people starting out (including myself when I started) are looking for a language that is super easy to pick up without a technical background and is also useful in a professional environment. When I think about those two criteria there is one language that comes to mind straight away, that language is absolutely python!

Why Python?

First of all, it is very easy to pick up! Python is a language that many people recommend to learn first due to the easy syntax. By easy I mean it is super widely used so there are many communities built around it which allows you to find references and tutorials everywhere you look. It is also really easy to read and write python, which helps you get a hold of the fundamentals of programming down pat without worrying about missing a bracket.

Secondly, python has a huge range of uses in the professional world, from machine learning to web development and back end code for mobile apps. Using frameworks such as Django and Flask you are able to produce high-quality websites using nothing but python and your desire to build something cool. As far as machine learning is concerned I haven’t had much experience with it yet but after a search around the net people are using python far and wide to do complex calculations with frameworks like NumPy and SciPy.

Now if you’re looking to become a software developer you will already be aware of the sort of money you can make doing your future job, but what if I told you python developers are among the highest paid software engineers. Now you shouldn’t be expecting paychecks like these straight away but after a few years and a lot of hard work you can expect to be at the top of the food chain as far as salary is concerned.

On top of the salary, there are loads of jobs in python development, and that number is only rising. The usefulness of a quick and powerful language like python puts it at the top of the list when most new projects or start-ups kick off which means more opportunity for you!


So there are a few reasons why you should consider learning python as your first language. It is easy to pick up, easy to maintain, there is a huge community built around it to support you, and the job market wants python developers now more than ever! There are amazing resources on the internet for you to learn python in whatever field you wish to go into, some things you should think about is what you want to build and how you learn best. Maybe finding a local tutor would help you on your path or maybe you are fine learning by yourself, but however you learn you will have a bright future in the world of python!

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