The Radical Left’s Top 10 Objections to Veganism (And Why They Suck)

Great piece, but I would suggest you review 5). Most people don’t want to ‘get by’ like people in countries with high levels of malnutrition (who start eating more meat as soon as they can afford it). Most people want to thrive and live as long as possible. If you want to convince people you don’t need lots of money and free time to be well on a vegan diet, I’d suggest linking to resources that demonstrate this (eg where to get cheap B12 supplements) rather than using undernourished people as involuntary role models.

There are also all sorts of issues with the infographic you’re using to illustrate this point, from the choice of countries listed to the source data representing a very narrow sample of animal products commonly consumed in Western countries and so missing large chunks of non-plant-based comsumption in other regions. Even if the countries listed and meat consumption data were representative, the infographic would be questionable as an illustration of your point as per the relative position of several of the countries compared to their wealth. And finally, these data give no indication of the proportion of calories obtained from animal products — these countries will also have lower overall consumption of food.

It’s possible poorer populations consume smaller proportions of animal products, but this infographic does not demonstrate it, and saying that like it’s a good thing may be neither welcome by populations who wish they had more food choices nor inspirational for those who feel lucky to have them.

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