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Transgender individuals would have everyone believe that their brain is correct and the body is deformed or a birth defect.

Transgender individuals are suffering a psychosis of the highest order. Anyone who intends to cause themselves harm, whether through the use of chemicals or cutting or other means it is societies job to stop them from harming themselves. Somehow there are people buying into the idea that this is reasonable. It isn’t.

Gay and Lesbian individuals are just attracted to the same sex and in no way intend harm to themselves or others.

We as a society have to begin telling those people who are dressing as the opposite sex and are attempting to “force” society to acknowledge them as such, unequivocally “NO”!!! just the same as we would a drug abuser, or our teenage child who wants to dress like superman, or the family member who believes he/she has wings and can fly, etc…..

Why are we not trying to protect these person(s) from themselves??

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