Connecting with Customers

Cassie Cooper
Jun 20 · 2 min read

This blog post is part of my series that is highlighting some of the speakers that I was inspired by from my graduate school’s recent Digital Branding Analytics Miami 2019 Conference (#DBAmiami) held at Florida International University. There were several key speakers that presented on a theme related to marketing that was then supported by their perspective and experiences.

Evan Carrol is a professional keynote speaker and President of Experiential Marketing Expert in Raleigh-Durham area of North Carolina. Evan’s speech focused on the critical components of connecting with customers. He weaved in many real-life examples, starting with his own experience at Apple, all of which built the case for why “high touch” is superior to “high tech” solutions for customers.

Carrol’s then gave a case study example of a bank that experimented with using a “high touch” approach rather than “high tech” to entice customers on their next best offer. The average conversion rate of any typical marketing outreach such as email, direct mail, or social media approach is 2%. In this specific case, the bank had their customer service members close their in-person sessions by stating that they reviewed the account and see that they have an offer that could benefit them. This personable approach led to an impressive 40% conversion rate and led to $22 million in revenue. This was an impactful statistic to me and opened my eyes to the influence of an in-person experience can have.

I agree with Carroll that by supporting your business to focus on providing a better experience for the customer lends to a better experience for employees and the net effect is a better bottom line. He outlined the roadmap to do so is by focusing on what he coined as the “Three R’s”: Relationship, Responsiveness, and Readiness. The relationship is the most critical part because it’s where as marketers we ask ourselves “What is the customer’s perspective?” and use this as our guide to develop our plan for responsiveness and readiness with the customer.

The human element in marketing is not lost and is the most important part. If we can act on the advice like that of Carroll’s and focus on what brings an engaged, deep connection to the customer then the solutions we create will be impactful and lasting. “In touch” marketing will not only bring revenue to a company but build an invaluable integrity and customer loyalty with a brand.


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