The Why Behind Maintenance Care

Cassie Cooper
Jun 20 · 2 min read

With over 44 million views on and 15 million views on, Simon Sinek’s classic “Start With The Why” is a powerful speech on how connecting with the “why” is the key to motivation and inspiration. As a marketer, merging this with your brand image and connecting consumers to it can revolutionize the life and perception of your brand. It can transcend the counter arguments and skepticism that non-brand family members may have and transition them along the brand love curve and as they become more connected, their behavior changes from indifferent to liking the brand to loving to viewing it as a form of self-expression and transpiring it into a beloved brand.

In the case of automotive marketing, I have found that in my role, connecting with the “why” entails a deeper understanding of our OEM’s brands, dealerships, and the consumers. Our next project is to build a campaign for the case behind “why” maintenance care. As new car sales are starting to plateau and even projected to decline, OEM’s are shifting their focus to the maintenance care and service side of the business. It’s a common statement in the automotive industry that “Sales sells the first car, but Service sells the next one”. A great service drive is a highly valued customer retention generator for a dealer. In the coming weeks, I will be taking a deep dive into identifying the “why” to create brand congruity to emotions that resonate with consumers over values like safety, integrity, and transparency.


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