About Clean Air Lawn Care

Clean Air Lawn Care is the nation’s only full-service, sustainable, and organic lawn mowing franchise. We provide lawn care maintenance with our solar powered mowing equipment and organic lawn treatments to ensure “The Neighborhood’s Healthiest Lawn”®. Clean Air Lawn Care currently operates over 60 organic lawn care franchise locations around the US, helping business owners build successful green franchises. Clean Air Lawn Care’s customers receive the cleanest, healthiest lawn service available. The trend in green lawn mowing franchises is towards quieter equipment and safer fertilizers.

“When we started this company in 2006 we faced skeptical customers and inferior equipment,” says Kelly Giard, founder and CEO of Clean Air, “our only competitive advantage was great people. That culture of exceptional people lives today.”

Our mission in the lawn mowing business is simple — make an impact on an industry that’s a big contributor to poor air quality by helping people develop green franchises. We can mow without gas, using renewable energy from our solar panels on our trucks to run our electric mowers, trimmers, and blowers. We fertilize lawns with safe, all organic fertilizers that create healthy soil and leave no harmful chemicals on your property. Clean Air’s green franchises provide an exceptional service to create beautiful lawns that are safe for your kids and pets. Organics, solar-powered mowers, and quality service are ways we ensure you have the most beautiful lawn in the neighborhood! Clean Air Lawn Care is looking for green entrepreneurs to start a lawn mowing franchise.

The ideal candidates for our green franchise are the perfect mix of tree-hugger, entrepreneur, and smart business person. If you’re looking for a green business opportunity, consider the nation’s leading organic lawn mowing franchise. The business model is one of recurring revenue, low overhead, great margins, and a service that has a positive impact on the community. You can feel great about the service you deliver, maintaining beautiful properties in a fashion that everyone can appreciate. You can build wealth responsibly in your green franchise, while maintaining a lifestyle of flexibility and financial freedom that business ownership allows.

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