Clean Air comes to Alabama

This past month, Jonathon Broadhead opened Clean Air Lawn Care Enterprise; a business serving Enterprise, Dothan and Daleville that has families and the community top of mind.

Clean Air Lawn Care Enterprise is a full-service sustainable lawn care company. Using solar-panels to power all equipment and organic treatments and fertilizers, Jonathon cares for people’s lawns in the cleanest, safest, quietest way possible. With his electric equipment and kid and pet safe lawn treatments, he holds his head high about the work he is doing each day. 
He is dedicated to shouting the word about lawn care and how the old way, gas-powered equipment and chemicals, is not going to cut it when it comes to air, sound and chemical pollution, and an overall healthy community. He is also breaking any stereo-types about professionalism within the “last dirty frontier”, lawn care, by providing a customized experience, focused on customer service, from his initial conversation with someone and throughout their services.

· Small engines, in particular 2-stroke engines used in conventional lawn care equipment, contribute 5–10% of the nation’s air pollution.
· 53% of chemical-based products include ingredients that are carcinogens, as defined by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.
· In one hour, a gas lawn mower can pollute as much as an SUV driven 23,600 miles.
· Gas lawn mowers consume 580 million gallons of gasoline annually and 25–35% of this fuel escapes unburned.

Clean Air Lawn Care is dedicated to business practices that reduce environmental impact, support communities, and remain economically competitive. Beginning in 2006, Clean Air has enjoyed tremendous growth as customers realize the benefits of reducing noise and chemical pollution from gas mowers and chemical fertilizers. “In 2008 we began our quest to disrupt lawn care from a commoditized gas and chemical-ridden services to a quiet, clean, and enjoyable experience the homeowner can enjoy and be proud of,” says CEO Kelly Giard.

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