From ‘public’ as open, to blockchain pro bono publico.

  • public permissionless blockchain
  • global public blockchain
  • censorship-resistant blockchain
  • open-source public blockchain
  • decentralized & distributed blockchain
  • trustless blockchain

Part 1 in a series exploring the nature, function and limits of trademark law in crypto, wrapped in terms of legitimacy.

  1. report waste/hazards (such as broken glass bottles on a beach; motor oil dumped behind a gas station; etc)
  2. analyze/verify existing reports
  3. respond to the object/condition by cleaning it up or otherwise materially mitigating the risk posed by that object/condition

  • FMI = Financial Market Infrastructure
  • AW = Angela Walch
  • CA = CleanApp

1. Intro/Summary

  1. Contract Law Around the World (November 22, 2019) (4m) (summary of K formation elements & standards from several jurisdictions, and intro to Schlesinger’s functionalist comparative law methodology)
  2. Contract Formation Under US Law (November 22, 2019) (12m) (intro to mutual assent & objective theory of K formation, without coverage of consideration)
  3. How to Form a Contract Under English Law? (November 21, 2019) (7m) (intro to K formation basics under English/Welsh law by reference to UK Jurisdiction…

What are the rules of contract formation in different jurisdictions? What are important areas of convergence?


Nonprofit incentivizing open-source trash/hazard reporting & remediation ++ cool law stuff ++ "The Wi-Fi & Bluetooth of TrashTech" -

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