Nov 28, 2019 · 1 min read

To solve (read: minimize) the ‘harmful’ effect of price fluctuation for the commodity backing a commodity-money, we can have … gasp! … multi-commodity money. Unfortunately that would require some sort of data ledger that could keep track of global material resource flows and rationalize global resource markets, … oh wait, … isn’t that blockchain?

It’s a really short mental leap from MCD (multi-collateral DAI) to MCT (multi-commodity token).

And/or we can realize that ‘price distortions’ (aka fluctuations, volatility, etc.) are actually manifestations of perfectly normal market behaviors. Including fluctuations in the price of money itself.

Small NGO with a big patent urging BigTech & Crypto to enable trash/hazard reporting & open source data. "The Wi-Fi & Bluetooth of TrashTech" -

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