Impressing The Parents

It was the first time my boyfriend, Richard took me to meet his parents. I was obviously very nervous. I had been brainstorming for weeks on the appropriate dress to wear for the occasion. He and I had grown up in completely different environments. His family was all posh and dainty while my parents were rugged and adventure loving. He would go to five star holiday destinations all with over-expensive room service and an indoor swimming pool in their hotel suite while my parents loved to take us on hikes and biking trips at the first chance they got.
Naturally I had to wear something both conservative and stylish at the same in order to impress his parents at least to some degree.
The big night went considerably well. His parents were gracious and kind. We had a splendid dinner.
We then talked over some drinks in their balcony. We sat on a sofa and below it was a beautiful maroon and gold Turkish carpet. Obviously we took our shoes off before stepping on it.
My feet started itching after sometime. At first it wasn’t too bad. But slowly it got to the point where I had to put something on my feet to stop the itching. The soles of my feet had turned red and were swollen now. I was rushed to a hospital where I was given anti-allergen injections. The redness decreased little by little but I had to spend the night under observation.
Later we found out that the cause of the allergy had been the carpet. They hadn’t had it cleaned professionally for a long time and had only been vacuuming it of late. I guess I was the only one who was sensitive to the allergens on that carpet.
Richard’s parents apologized repeatedly and sent me a beautiful bottle of 1998 vintage red wine as a gift. I was invited for dinner again and thankfully no life-threatening rashes formed this time!

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