Tips for professional auto detailing at home

The season of car washing is coming soon. So you may be interested in giving some extra shine to your ride. In order to help you guys in this regard, we took a few tips from the pro auto detailers in town. According to Mike Schultz, who is the head of a high end car accessories manufacturing company, the surface of the care must be treated by the owner like it was their own face. Moreover he added that the surface should be treated well so that it may glow in a healthy way.

Some of the finest tips coming from the most experienced pro car detailers are described below in the upcoming paragraphs.

The best wash for your wash is a hand wash:

The best way to wash your car is to do it by your hands. That way you come to know and feel the body of the car and learn about any sort of uneven surfaces or unseen scratches. Moreover, when you give your car a hand wash, you may be able to treat it with additional care. Make sure you do not use cheap detergents that are available in the market for the purposes of dishwashing. Apparently they come up with good results but in the long run, they are bad for the body as they remove a fine layer of the upper most coats of the paint and the protective wax.

Clean paint is always shiny and bright:

Simply washing your car is not always enough as the pollution in the environment deposits an unseen layer of dirt that settles under the upper most protective layer of wax over the body of your car. While drying out your car, you can run your hand over the body in order to feel any roughness. In case you find any, you need to clean the paint which may be done in two ways. You may use some paint cleaners on the body which remove any sort of contaminants or scratched old wax from the upper paint layer. In addition to this, you may use paint cleaning clay to get the job done. You can rub a fine paint cleaning clay block over the rough surface which is lubricated using some liquid cleaner wax.

Use polish for smoothing out the paint:

The basic purpose of applying polish on the surface of your car is to smooth the paint surface in order to make it shinier. The Professional Auto Detailing and more adequate way to apply some polish on your car is by using an oscillating polishing machine. The machine is used by pros who are experienced and know what they are doing. If you want to make use of such gadget, extreme care and attention is required otherwise you may cause some harm to your beloved car.

Get the paint protected by wax:

Applying wax over the surface of your car deposits a protective layer over the paint and the environmental effects which may cause any damages are pretty much lessened. Want more advice & other beneficial info about our services please visit here.