Which is better- Gillette Mach3 blades or Gillette Proglide blades?


When it comes to men world Gillette is a name which has intruded intruded in all the lives of men especially for their shaving need. Be it someone with a macho look, someone with thick beard or someone who wants to maintain chocolate boy look no one can miss the Gillette blades. Since it has been ruling the world, Gillette Mach 3 and Gillette Proglide blade are popular ones which you can find in bathroom.shaving kit of majority men. All their blades are safe, smooth and easy to use which do not ask for too much dedication from the user’s end. But still if you want to go ahead with one and has been searching for reviews of Gillette Mach 3 blades and Gillette Proglide Blades, then you can get a transparent picture here and know which to go ahead with.

Comparison between Gillette Mach3 blades and Gillette Proglide Blades

Gillette has been flooding market with the best possible products after proper research from their end and as the tag line says “ The best a man can get”, it has always set bars for razors which can make life easy without irritating and leaving a scratch. When you look into Gillette Mach 3 blades they have been revolutionary since the day they were launched because of the effortless shave they let a person do with their three anti-friction blades and five comfort guard micro fins. The lubricant strip is a feature that still you will find fans of this particular blades and would not be willing to switch from it. There would be few who would like to go ahead sensitive, turbo and even disposable versions of it but there is still lot of popularity following these particular oldest types of blades.

Now talking about Gillette Proglide Blades, they came as a new trend in shave industry and left a mark on people with its unique design, features and different versions of it. The Company upgraded their research and has released 5 blade fusion line of razors. Although the number of blades increased but the comfortless too increased a lot after it was introduced. Its fusion.line turns white eventually when it’s time to Change. When it comes to price it is obviously expensive but then it is even worth it. Both of them have performed far better than any other blade in the market. On one hand Mach 3 is heavier which gives better grip whereas on.other hand the other one is lighter but one does not has to put much.pressure to get better results. The second one obviously gives better close to shave as it has two blades extra for smoother results.

Final thoughts

After comparison the Gillette Proglide Blades is a clear winner. Even though it has a bit extra price but that is not as high as it’s effect in comparison to other Gillette products. Everyone wants an irritation free shave very morning.

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