How Pressure Washing Works

If you have been looking into pressure washing in San Francisco, CA, you might want to learn a little more about how pressure washing works. This way you can understand what is being done and how it can help you with your cleaning needs.

What Is a Pressure Washer?

To begin, it helps to know what a pressure washer actually is. This machine is basically just a pump that is powered by a motor. The motor allows the pump to pump the water at a high rate of speed. You have probably used a pressure washer at a car wash if you cleaned your own car in the bay.

Parts of a Pressure Washer

A pressure washer has a few more parts in addition to the pump and motor. It has a water inlet, which is a hose that is connected to a water supply. It has another hose that is where the water comes out after it has been pumped up to a high pressure. The hose is used to guide and spray the water. At the end of the hose, different attachments can be used based on the type of cleaning that needs done. Attachments may include a wand, brush or simple trigger gun.

How a Pressure Washer Operates

When a pressure washer is being used, all its different components work to make sure that it can offer effective cleaning. Sometimes detergent is introduced through a hose to provide a cleaning agent. This is often done when there is a substance on concrete or another surface that needs to be cleaned. The detergent and the water flow into the unit at the same time to mix in the pump and be sent through the exit hose.

Reasons Pressure Washers Are Good for Cleaning

Pressure washing services include many options. If you are getting pressure washing in San Francisco, CA, done, then you may be wondering how it can be used. A pressure washer can be used to clean hard surfaces, like concrete or some woods. A system can clean off substances, like oil and grease, much easier and with far less effort than manual cleaning methods.

The reason that water acts as such a good cleaner is because of the pressure. If you were to try to clean the same surface with a regular hose spraying water, the results would not be anywhere as good as a pressure washing. When detergents are added, the cleaning power is boosted because the detergent breaks down the substances and makes it easier to wash them away. There is no scrubbing involved because the energy behind the water supplies what is needed to blast away debris.

One note about surfaces, though. Because a pressure washer uses very high pressure, it can damage softer surfaces. Some woods are too soft and will become etched or damaged if pressure washed. In most cases, a professional will know what can and cannot be washed to minimize the potential for damage.

You may have never considered pressure washing in San Francisco, CA, before simply because you didn’t really understand how it worked. Now that you do, though, chances are good that you have a surface that could use the deep cleaning that pressure washing offers.