CYN: Why Every Company Needs SEO

Not long ago, I found a great example that shows why SEO is essential for every company. Ford’s website ranks on the first position for only 4 models of their vehicles, out of 16 in total, for which the SEO solution company cleanyourname checked the ratings. That means that 12 models of Ford don’t rank on the first position, and unfortunately some of them weren’t even on the first page of search results. This maybe wouldn’t be so puzzling if we weren’t talking about one of the most popular car brands.

Clean Your Name: Why Every Company Needs SEO

Here are a few reasons, why CYN sees this as a potential risk, and believes it should be strategically handled. The truth is that most of the people click either the first, or only the first several search results. In this case there are probably thousands, or hundreds of thousands visitors because the key word in this specific case is a name of a world renewed brand, backed by constant marketing campaign, which is still going.

When number of people land on the wrong website, because it is ranking on the first position, there they can find certain information’s that just aren’t in Ford’s favor. Most people simply wouldn’t come to that information, if it was the other way around. As executive explains, in this situation the top ranking page actually steals visitors from Ford, or at least decreases the number of visitors that they should’ve had, although a decent number of them will probably come back and visit the official website at some point, because still we are talking about an international brand.

These are your brands, and you should be the first when someone types the name of your brand. Especially if it comes so strong internationally renowned brand such as Ford. Working with a lot of clients, cleanyourname SEO specialist have witnessed such situations firsthand, and as they explain, they are quite unpleasant, because something that was supposed to be yours, works for someone else’s benefit. Furthermore, this kind of situations can cause financial worries, because you’ve invested in your brand and now someone else is unexpectedly reaping the benefits, and for free. This shouldn’t be the case.