Undercover‘s New Season Is Grim

Recently, Undercover, a Japanese-based fashion brand, has unveiled its August/Winter 2017 collection. Titled “Brainwashed Generation,” this season seems to have a focus on the media, which I presume is inspired by the recent election of Donald Trump, and how the media sways our views. The collection is dark and moody.

All of the models that I have seen are wearing eye shadow, perhaps to emphasize this season’s moodiness and to convey a sense of dreariness. Furthermore, most of the models wear ushanka with horns, which seems to be a symbol of the devil. With this hat, we observe the sense of darkness overwhelming us. A few of the garments in this season include bites of text, such as “HUMAN CONTROL SYSTEM” and “BRAIN WASHED GENERATION.” While some may think these phrases are corny, I personally love their angsty vibe.

Models from “Brainwashed Generation” 2017 a/w

The silhouettes in this collection are jagged, for the most part. There is a pattern of heavy, drapey tops that meet slim bottoms. At the ankle line, these bottoms bunch up, and underneath the bottoms are socks that are bunched up as well. This interaction between the socks and pants is very aesthetically pleasing. There is also a trend of earthy tones that develop the image of us being in forest late at night, cold and alone.

Some of my favorite outfits are posted below. You can view the entire collection here.