Advantages and Disadvantages of Cubicles and Open Plan Office Space

By providing the right working environment in the office, you can even set a lazy employee to love his work. Office layout and furniture are two important factors having a fair share in building an office environment. You can set up a comfortable office for enhancing the productivity of employees by choosing the right furniture and the right office layout. Similarly, bad furniture will cause discomfort and health problems, and poor office layout creates an inexpedient environment in the office. Therefore, it is important to choose the right new or used office chairs and used cubicles in Houston.

Currently, cubicles and open space are the two popular options available for office layout. If you look at the history of an office cubicle, it has gone through numerous changes. The first cubicle was designed back in 1967. Still, it has remained an essential piece of furniture in an office. The open space is a new concept. There are no distinct cabins, rooms or other enclosed areas in the office. If you are going to start a new office or planning to redesign the space, you will love read about the pros and cons of both.

Advantages of Cubicles

Cubicles add standardization in the office. Every employee gets the same space for working. This plays a part to boost the spirit of employees.

You can create multiple separate workspaces in a large space. Cubicles allow you to utilize the available space in an optimized way. Well organized cubicles also reduce stress.

Cubicles also reduce distractions as one employee does not know what’s going on in another cubicle.

Disadvantages of Cubicles

An employee cannot easily interact with employees sitting in other cubicles.

Advantages of Open Plan Office Space

It also saves money as you need not buy cubicles.

Disadvantages of Open Plan Office Space

Now, your choice depends on your needs. You are the only person who knows which one of these office layouts is the most suitable for your office.

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