If you live in London or any other hard water area, you will certainly be no stranger to the perils of limescale; leaving evidence in your kettle, a coating on your taps, and water marks in your sink. But, have you ever thought about what this limescale is doing to the pipework at your office?

Smallbore pipework is the drainage system that takes unwanted water waste away from sinks, dishwashers, toilets, urinals, showers and anywhere internal to a building where water waste is generated.

Some of this pipework is as small as 50mm in diameter. So in an office environment where water usage is consistent throughout the day it doesn’t take long for this lime scale to build up and make those small pipes even narrower.

In fact scale on the inside of pipework can, and given time will, build up to such an extent that the space becomes too narrow for anything to pass through. This is when you will start to see evidence of blockages, problems with water not draining away properly and potentially leaks due to cracked or broken pipework.

These problems are not only costly but can be very disruptive to your business in terms of downtime — especially where repairs are required.

Limescale is not the only problem for your smallbore and stackpipes (stackpipes carry waste water from the smallbore out of your building) so even if you do not operate in a hard water area, it is essential to get your pipework assessed by a specialist in order to prepare the correct maintenance programme to avoid costly and disruptive drainage issues and repair work.

Descaling internal pipework is a very specialist job, but it is quick, economical, and can be carried out with minimal disruption to your business.

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