The ‘Autumn Fall’ is a time of beauty, but it can be a tricky time for building maintenance and management.

Are you and your business prepared for the dawn of winter?

With the autumn leaves falling, the rain coming down and the temperatures dropping every day; gutters and pipework are in danger of causing disruption to your business.

Blockages can cause build up of water, leaks, property damage and often costly repair work. So with the winter season upon us, businesses need to take heed and ensure that we are all ready for the tempestuous months ahead.

For many, there is the comfort of knowing that you have a pre-planned maintenance schedule in place to avoid those last minute expensive emergencies. But for others the thought of gutters, pipework and drains has never crossed their mind. That is where Clear Drains come in.

Enjoy the Autumn walks. Enjoy kicking up the leaves, splashing in puddles and the promise (or threat) of snow and leave all your drainage related maintenance worries with us.

Give us a call before 20th November on 08700 600995 or email us at to request your free winter maintenance visit and our experienced drainage experts will attend your site to advise you on how best to protect the drainage at your property throughout the end of Autumn and the Winter months ahead.

(Winter Maintenance visit available free of charge to all UK based businesses within London, South East, South Central and Midland regions).

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