Deep-link out of Facebook

Spencer Zeke Depas
Jun 12, 2018 · 2 min read
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Facebook’s News Feed does not respect Universal Links. This means you cant simply deep-link out. If you google Deep-link out of Facebook, the first page of results on google has no options that are not facebooks SDK related or I do not want to use a facebook SDK in my app nor do I want to use Branch as it is a paid api. Ideally, I would use no SDK. I failed to find a complete SDK less solution.

My desired results are to leave facebook from a comment link. If you have the app, deep-link with xyz content if you do not have the app go to the Playstore. If you are on a browser go to the Playstore website listing.

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Quickly add deep-links to your app

Firebase Dynamic Links

If you would like some inspiration for what you can do with your shiny new deep-links you can have a look here. Happy Deep-linking out of facebook.

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