The Aspiring Appreneur

Spencer Zeke Depas
Dec 13, 2017 · 3 min read

The beginning of my Appreneur journey

I am Zeke and I am an aspiring appreneur. I would like to document my travels of how I reach appreneur success. What makes me so special? Absolutely nothing but I want it and I am relentless. I have written two blogs prior to this, one on becoming a master in Starcraft II and the other on being a self taught developer and getting an Android job. Both of these goals were achieved. I hope to share the lessons I learn along the way.

My current situation

I have an app that has under 50 downloads with no business model. The app is in a saturated market. I hope I have a niche. I appreciate Material design. I really want my apps to look great. I do have some users. I have high ambition and many app ideas.

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Current stats

Experience & knowledge

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Current Tools

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Plan of Action

My currently project Vocabulary Expertise does everything I set out for it to do. It is not very compelling. It is also not very efficient at teaching vocabulary words. I do think it has some charm as some people are using it. I have an idea to make the app more social and interesting. I have a trickle of users. Since the app is not ready for prime time I am not too worried about getting many users. I am not sure yet how much I should work on this vs starting a new project. I would like to work on the business and marketing side of this app. That is where I am in need of the most experience.


Check out part two Here:

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