How to buy a good air purifier to get a safe indoor environment

Air purification in home is not lavishness but a necessity. If you are free from asthma, allergies and other respiratory problems then you should not consider that you do not need an air purifier to be installed in your home. If the amount of chemical and biological contaminants gets increased, your home will get polluted. This means you cannot inhale fresh air as your indoor environment is filled with dust particles and harmful substances. A portable and quality air purifier is an effective way to enhance the hygiene and health of house and its occupants. Buying a purifier can be a difficult task for people who have never used such a device before. They can get help from the web to find a good machine for your home. New buyers can get useful information about different models of air cleaners from air purifier reviews available online. They can compare the review ratings of some models and narrow down their choice by considering some other factors such as price, available space and expectations.

Tips to pick the right one

Buyers should look for a machine with multistage filtration process. A good air cleaning device uses several cleaning methods to bring best outcomes. Here are some useful tips for new buyers to make a wise choice. A pre-filter is important to have in a machine for trapping large substances such as hair, pet dander and dust. While making a buying choice people should make sure that the unit they have chosen has a pre-filter. Activated carbon is another important filtering method because this filtration process absorbs hazardous gas molecules such as gases, cigarette smoke, mildew, volatile organic compounds and odors. This function by making these substances stick to carbon. This filtration method catches even smaller particles better than HEPA filter. HEPA filter gives maximum result by removing particles efficiently. The particles include micros of size 0.3. Buyers can look for a true medical grade and non petrochemical HEPA filter. This type of filter looks like a paper made of randomly placed fibers creating narrow passages with several turns and twists.

Things to avoid in an air purifier

There are certain things buyers should avoid while buying an air cleaner. Electrostatic precipitator used in some models of air cleaner helps in removing pollutant particles by charging those minute particles as it pass through and accumulate them on a metal plate made of fiber that is oppositely charged. This produces a byproduct called ozone and it is a lung irritant. This type of cleaning device is not recommended to people. Some other models use a filtration method called negative ion generator. It is a unit making the surroundings changed in its electrical charge and attracts the dust and particles around it. Sometimes negative ion generators can emit toxic levels of ozone. So, read the features as well as air purifier reviews thoroughly to buy a good device for your home. The choice you made should maintain the hygiene of your indoor environment and protect your health as well.

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