Week 2-RPE

Yesterday I had my first check-in with my ortho since starting my palatal expansion treatment. I was genuinely nervous to go in because I have no basis for knowing how things are actually progressing, other than a difference that I notice. But for all I know, this could be caused by a placebo effect.

However, I got the great news that I am gaining real expansion and that my crossbite is well on its way to being fixed! My teeth are not tipping out, which is the biggest concern for this treatment in adults, and everything is going as well as it could be. Slow and steady wins the race!

There’s not much to report, I am to continue as I am going for another two weeks and I will be checked again. Here’s the difference that you can see:

Some things that I am noticing:

It is so much easier to eat, and talk with the device in my mouth. I mainly have minor trouble still with my “e” sounds, but other than that I think I sound mostly normal. Or maybe I’ve just gotten used to my slur? Either way, it is nice to not feel self conscious about it ;)

I can feel more space in the upper part of my mouth. Placebo? Maybe.

I have an ever-tiny gap forming between my front teeth, which is the most obvious sign that the treatment is working well (it is intended to split your palate down the middle, and expand from there. If it works properly, you get a gap :)

It is easier to turn the device, and not in a “it’s easier to get over my gag reflex and actually get the key into its slot” kind of way. But it takes less pressure and effort to turn the key, and it hurts less when I do. Any pressure that is caused goes away much more quickly than before.

Lastly, there is finally contact between my upper and lower left molars! My crossbite was so severe that those teeth never touched together, but now there is impact on that side due to the teeth being pushed into their proper position. They are not all the way out yet, but the fact that they touch together at all is a huge victory for me.

Does my smile look wider to you? It feels to me like there is a huge difference :)

Also, see that tiny gap between the front teeth? I expect it to get a lot bigger in the coming days and weeks :)

15 turns so far!