Using AI to Unlock Human Potential

Remember when marketing was fun?

I may be harkening back to an era before my time, but it seems that marketers used to be able to focus on what really matters: coming up with the perfect way to communicate a message to their audience.

That moment right there. // Source: Vanity Fair via AMC

Today, it feels a little different. It feels more sterile. Screens and data. Analysis and evaluation. Bids and budgets. Guesswork with numbers.

Before founding Clearmob, I was a marketer myself. When I worked in marketing, I found I was focusing primarily on two areas: big-picture creative and strategic questions (the fun parts!), and the digital details of campaign setup, analysis, and maintenance (the not-so-fun parts). Eventually, I realized I was spending over 75% of my time on the digital details. Over 75%! I watched myself turn into less of a marketer and more of a data scientist. A slow one, at that.

I knew that if I could just magically understand my data, I could make smarter decisions about my campaigns — but, like so many marketers, I could never keep up with the formidable sea of data that digital campaigns generate. I kept thinking:

Wouldn’t it be amazing if I could stop trying to be a data scientist and get back to being a marketer?

After many caffeine-addled, spreadsheet-ridden nights in the office, it hit me: I can — if I harness the power of artificial intelligence.

AI is not just a chatbot and jingle-writing technology. AI is a tool for automation, which makes it perfectly suited to tackle the analysis-paralysis problem that today’s marketers face. Why are we wasting so much time on manual analysis when AI can do it for us? When AI can do it better?

If marketers can properly use AI to their advantage, they can once again focus on creating desire and demand for their products. (With remarkably more insight, I might add.)

With that realization, I came together with a team of data scientists, machine learning experts, and marketing technology veterans with a shared passion for solving big-impact problems, and we set to work to turn this vision into a reality.

Together, we’ve developed algorithms that learn how to generate dynamic pricing models for your campaigns and provide data-driven insights paired with personalized recommendations for maximizing your performance. At the push of a button, you can turn insight into action right within the platform itself.

Let’s break that down.

  • Algorithms that learn: The more you use it, the more Clearmob helps you benefit by understanding the unique and specific trends in your data.
  • Dynamic pricing models: With Clearmob, you’ll only pay for the value you get from perfect placements based on live bidding trends.
  • Recommendations for maximizing performance: Whenever you log in, you get a full breakdown of your data with guidance on how to capitalize on dynamic pricing opportunities.
  • Turn insight into action: If you agree with a recommendation, you can make the change with just one click — no time-consuming settings and switches required. (Because hey, what’s the point of understanding your data if you can’t act on it?)

Just like that, a process that used to take days or weeks happens instantly, constantly, and seamlessly.

So what will that mean for you?

Maybe not exactly this… but close.
  • Calculate less. Create more.
  • Spend with confidence, not guesswork.
  • Maximize yield and grow your business faster.
“With almost no effort, our sales went up by 30% thanks to Clearmob.” — Andrew Jiang, CEO @ Sentio

Using Clearmob is like having a superpower — or, rather, a super powerful, super fast data scientist in your corner at all times. You’ll be able to understand your data in an instant, act on its implications, iterate to perfection, and have time left over for those big, Don Draper types of questions. Can you imagine what the world will look like when we can all unlock the secrets of our data so elegantly?

Robots should bring the efficiency; humans should bring the imagination — that’s the Clearmob philosophy.

Learn more here.
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