Clearify Announces Game-changing Partnership with ICO Alert

Clearify announced today that they have partnered with the most comprehensive and widely used ICO directory — ICO Alert, in a combined effort to reduce scams surrounding ICO contribution addresses.

Clearify is a great solution to the problem of ICO contribution addresses being hacked and changed.

How does it work? Clearify manually verifies an ICO, and gives them access to a secure space on the blockchain to list their contribution addresses. The addresses are then instantly searchable by the customer, allowing them to be 100% sure that the address was in fact added by the actual ICO team, and not by a hacker or scammer. If the customer searches an address which does not show as verified, the address might not be real or correct.

Clearify will be fully integrated into the website, starting immediately.

A full integration of Clearify into the ICO Alert website ( will take place, allowing every website visitor to easily see which ICOs have been verified — giving contributors confidence that they are sending to a genuine address. Every ICO that is verified on Clearify will show a Clearify badge on the ICO Alert website. Those that do not show the badge would be encouraged to complete verification in order to have searchable official contribution addresses. All featured ICOs listed on the website will be required to complete Clearify verification.

“This partnership with Clearify is an important step for ICO Alert,” Robert Finch, ICO Alert CEO, said. “Our main goal is to establish ourselves as the most trusted resource for ICO investors, and this further solidifies the reputation we have built thus far.”

Any seller or ICO that accepts cryptocurrency as payment can be verified, and add as many payment addresses as they like, to their secure Clearify profile. Clearify is also building APIs to integrate fully into payment systems so that the process is fully automated.

Clearify is set to become a standard step for a customer before they send cryptocurrency payment to an ICO or other business. Clearify will be a website, mobile app, and also a browser add-on for maximum convenience. Simply paste the payment address into the Clearify search bar and instantly see that the owner of the address is who you thought they were.

“We’re aware of many ICOs being hacked and having their contribution addresses changed. Clearify solves that problem,” Clearify Director Daniel Abela said. “We’re excited to partner with the undisputed best ICO source, ICO Alert, as this will ensure almost every single ICO will be encouraged to verify and give their customers peace of mind.”

Clearify uses POLL tokens as its currency, and they will be required to purchase verification, plus credit packs required to add cryptocurrency addresses to a profile. POLL is in very short supply (less than 7 million circulation) and can be obtained from KuCoin, Cryptopia, HitBTC, and EtherDelta. POLL is also the token used by the ClearPoll project, meaning there are now two projects launched or in alpha stage, using the same tokens.

For more information about how Clearify works, or to verify your ICO or business, visit