As most of you guys are aware, I have acquired ClearPoll. I’m really excited for the future and wanted to share a little about myself, as well as some of my ideas and plans for 2019.

My name is Josh Case and I’m the founder and CEO of Ethershift…

2018 was a huge year for ClearPoll. We developed and launched the ClearPoll platform, one of the first fully operational mainstream blockchain projects.

It was hard. Really hard. Not only the sheer amount of work required to design and build an app and desktop platform in such a short timeframe…

Previously, we announced that all POLL tokens contributed to the Eso ICO, would be locked for 12 months, and then property of our team.

We’ve decided that wasn’t enough.

Every single $POLL token contributed to the Eso ICO will now be locked FOREVER. Tokens will be sent directly to a black hole wallet address where they cannot be removed.

The cap of POLL contributions will be 3,000,000 POLL, which is over 42% of total supply. We expect a lot of POLL contributions, due to the 20% bonus.

Just one more thing we are doing to look after our loyal token holders.


ClearPoll Team

Over the past 12 months we’ve designed and built an amazing blockchain, capable of running ClearPoll at lightning speed and minimal cost, without sacrificing security. We were able to do this, largely due to having some of Australia’s best blockchain developers on our team. …

Since we launched ClearPoll on August 31, we’ve processed a lot of feedback and done a lot of analysis of who, how and why people are installing ClearPoll. Perhaps more importantly, why they might decide not to.

We’ve already had well over 6,000 installs, which is a solid start. But…

We’ve just launched an exciting new service for the crypto market. CryptoRater allows users to rate coins, exchanges and ICOs using ClearPoll’s blockchain secured rating system.

Check out now!

Each rating is secured on the blockchain where it cannot be manipulated, deleted or censored. Users can rate directly on…

Recently we were alerted to the fact that Ethershift inadvertently accepted a transfer of over 60,000 stolen POLL tokens, which were then sold (dumped) on Kucoin exchange.

This hurt us. It halved the price of POLL, between launch and today and triggered a selloff from other holders, under the assumption…

ClearPoll, the blockchain powered public opinion poll network, launches on August 31st.

Our team has extensive experience developing and launching apps, with a total user base across previous releases of almost 15,000,000 users.

Big deal. Apps get a lot of users all the time. Right? Well, blockchain apps don’t. Usually…

This is not a development update. We’ve put out enough of those lately. …

We reached our ICO hard cap just 294 days ago, after an amazing response to our initial concept of a blockchain powered opinion poll app. Since then we’ve been working hard to create ClearPoll with all promised features, as well as many new ones we’ve added along the way.



News and updates for the ClearPoll project.

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