Know Vicodin Addiction & Its Possible Common Causes

Vicodin is a potent opioid painkiller; it is the amalgamation of an opiate known as “hydrocodone” and an analgesic called “acetaminophen”. The drug is in general prescribed to the patients by their physicians to heal their pain. This is the narcotic drug which clogs the pain receptors in the brain, also known as neurological pathway by inducing a sense of euphoria which is because of the action of dopamine that makes it extremely effective but also enormously addictive. The patients who take Vicodin so as to treat their pain tend to build up a tolerance for the drug, and start taking it in larger doses in order to achieve the same high. This condition which develops a dependency for the drug is typically termed as “Vicodin Abuse”; it’s treacherous and at the same time threatening!

Now as everything has a cause or a reason behind this, Vicodin enslavement (addiction) also has the same. In most of the cases of addiction, there is not just one identifiable root cause but many. Addiction or dependence for a drug like Vicodin may have several causes which might come up as a sole cause or may go hidden. Some of the more common causes for Vicodin abuse include:

1. Genetic: If you have a first-degree relative, for example a parent or sibling, who is a chronic addict of Vicodin then you are at a great risk for developing an addiction to Vicodin or other such drugs. it is a contributing factor and not a definite indicator that you will become an addict.

2. Environmental: If an individual who lives his life in a cluttered and chaotic environment / area, he is always at a greater risk for developing an addiction for Vicodin sooner or later in life. This risk is augmented if a parent, guardian or spouse abuses drugs in front of the individual. Similarly, the person who begins to abuse drugs like Vicodin at a younger age is much likely to develop an opiate addiction.

3. Receptors Presence in Brain: Vicodin is a narcotic drug that stimulates the pleasure center of the neurological pathway (brain) and induces a surge of dopamine when used, blatant happiness is the outcome. The children who are born with a few dopamine receptors in their brain are likely to consume Vicodin so as to create an artificial happiness boost and a sense of relief.

4. Psychological: As the opiate drugs including Vicodin produces the delightful effects by flooding the brain with dopamine receptors and inducing a sense of euphoria, the people who struggle or suffer with anxiety or depressive disorders are likely to use Vicodin as a means to self-medicate the signs of their mental illness and get the sense of relaxation and unabashed glee.

Be the cause from any on the listed reasons of Vicodin abuse, when suspected, Vicodin addiction treatment is must. The patient should immediately be shifted to an Addiction Rehab Center so as to treat him and get him back to his normal, healthy life. Furthermore, the withdrawal symptoms from this narcotic abuse are so intricate and irritating; trying to cure it with no medical assistance might cause complications and lead to relapse!

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