Lytic is now Clearstep

We began our journey in healthcare technology more than a year ago when we started Lytic. The company was founded on the principle that virtual triage, care routing, price transparency, digital scheduling, and a beautiful user experience could all coexist on one platform in a seamless fashion. We’ve always believed that this platform is perfectly suited to help patient populations across the nation gain better access and clarity to care options, and that the best way to leverage it is to partner with health systems and payors.

Looking back, Lytic was a name that showed we use analytics to get patients the best access to care. While that’s still true of our company today, it doesn’t clearly reflect the value we provide to our patients. We provide clear next steps for care. That’s why starting today, we’re now Clearstep. This new name affirms our strong commitment to focusing on the value that we provide to patients, not the inner workings of how we do it.

Since our symptom checking application was already named Clearstep, it was a natural progression that we use this name to clearly show who we are. We’re extremely excited about this upward inflection point in our journey and we believe our new identity will help us forge stronger partnerships, deliver better content, and be the best digital front door solution for patients to get the right care at the right time in the right place.

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A new, beautifully designed platform for health systems and payors to provide a complete and digital front door experience. The next best step for your care.

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