The art of writing.

Shubham Upadhyay
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Over the past years I have come to love the idea of “life-long learning”, the more I learn the more I want to learn, its amazing! This idea of being a life long student has been re-iterated by almost every person I personally admire, and all of them have made lists after lists on the benefits of perusing life-long learning.

Here are some ways I learn:

  1. Reading books, articles, news
  2. Listening to audio books and watching video tutorials
  3. Learning by doing, specially for hands-on stuff (new technologies)
  4. Talking to people and listening to them and their experiences

Last year I started looking for other ways to learn but I seemed to be checking most of the boxes. Though initially it didn’t strike me as an obvious contender, after doing some research I realized writing is an amazing form of learning too. All of us have written school papers and essays on wide ranging topics, some interesting some not, but as adult professionals not many of us write (including me). Writing always struck to me as a mystical art that only a few knew and most of us just consume and until recently I thought to leave writing to the pro’s and just enjoy the final product.

A lot of work goes in to putting your thoughts together in a grammatically correct and coherent paragraph, but even tougher is to find something to write about and then research and learn more about the topic. To put it simply, writing is one of the best forms of reinforced learning — to learn you start writing, and now you need to research, learn and think more in order to write (mind blown).

I have to admit I am a bum when it comes to writing, bad at both spelling and grammar, so I have decided to teach myself “The art of writing” in 2018. I have made a list of topics that interest me, and have decided to use LinkedIn for publishing articles on those topics. I have also downloaded some books to teach myself how to write and over the next year I plan to keep learning and writing.

This is the first article in the series. I hope to end 2018 as a moderately good writer with a good number of articles written, reviewed and shared.

— — — conclusion — — — —

I have no idea what to write as the conclusion to this article, so I am going to leave this empty and write it in the last week of 2018. Let’s see how I do!

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