Cleaning Different Types of Windows

When it comes to window cleaning, there are few people who will jump up and say ‘I’ll do it!’ Still, though, it is one of the most important house cleaning jobs and probably the one thing that is most noticeable both inside a house and out. Clean windows let more light in, give a gleam to the outside of your home and are the one thing that a spring cleaning or an all-round house cleaning session simply can’t exclude. But of course there are plenty of different types of windows, and some can be quite tricky to clean. Here are a few of the trickiest.

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Sash windows often get into trouble these days. Whether they’re garnering disapproval for being too fiddly, too stocky, to flimsy or anything in between, the truth is that an old sash window can be a lovely thing to have as part of your home, but they can be a hassle to clean. A good scrub to remove spiders’ webs, dirt between the frames and other bits of debris and detritus is a necessary precursor to cleaning sash windows. In fact, it is often worth giving a sash window a strong going-over with soapy water and, if it needs it, a little paint. Newly painted sash windows don’t just look great, they’re also protected from damn, decay and the elements.

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Conservatory windows are another challenge. These come in all shapes and sizes, of course, from diamond lattices to vast, triple glazed panels. Either way, conservatory window cleaning is something that requires a little patience and the sensible use of stepladders is well advised. If you have decided by this point to hire one of the window cleaning services London households rely on in their thousands, you can be sure that they’ll have some sort of water fed pole cleaning system that will ensure your conservatory gets the all-over clean it deserves. It’s worth asking before you book if you do go for professional cleaners, because there are few things worse than a conservatory that’s 95% gleaming, with one grimy, uncleaned window just out of reach.

Then there are skylights. Whether one of the complex opening models that every DIY shop in the country is eager to sell you or a simple glass slate, skylights are another challenging window that pole cleaning equipment makes infinitely easier to tackle. It’s also worth remembering that, like solar panel cleaning, these are delicate and both care and a certain amount of frugality when it comes to hot, soapy water are not a bad idea. Taking a little longer over cleaning roof windows is far less arduous than rushing it and ending up with a poor clean, or a damp patch, way up overhead.

Come to think of it, though, all this might be best left to the experts. After all, if you can have the same people cleaning your windows as clean the Shard and Canary Wharf, isn’t that too good a prospect to pass up?

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