32 in Review

I’m a day away from turning 33 and want to take a moment to reflect on what I’m grateful for over the past year.

I’m grateful for my friend Dave Johnson organizing a trip to Crystal Bridges last December. It was a great way to kick off 32.

I’m grateful for my friend Courtney Schien and the chance to live with her and the ever-amusing Charlie.

I’m grateful for the Art of Manliness, Esquire Magazine, other pieces of literature and insightful and patient friends as I pondered, “what is the role of men -personally, professionally, culturally- in building a more equitable society?”

I’m grateful for being asked to write my eulogy. It’s often said to “begin with the end in mind.” There is no more heavy-hitting way to do so than that.

I’m grateful to my friend Kevin Byerley for introducing me to minimalism and is always ready to geek out with me on any number of topics.

I’m grateful to my friend Chloé Risto for running across the Charleston airport so that I could meet a hero of mine, Anthony Bourdain.

I’m grateful for Matt Menietti introducing me to Farnam Street ( check out an introduction to mental models) coming up with entertaining things to do (the guy bought 18 tickets to the Star Wars premiere on a whim), and for crushing out goals that he sets (inspiring).

I’m grateful to Practicing Yoga studio, its teachers, and the community I’ve come to know as I learn more about myself, who I want to be, and what I’m capable of.

I’m grateful for guy friends.

I’m grateful for Jon Barth who embarked on a bizarre journey with me to find out where our food really comes from.

I’m grateful for my fellow board members at Paul Art Space: Laura Grady, Mike Behle, Dave Johnson and Chris Lucas and many others I’ve come to know by serving with them. I learned so much this year when we traveled to New York to meet with other residencies and hear about how they operate.

I’m grateful for my friend Aimee Dunne for helping me land the current job I have with Eagle Bank. There are few days when I don’t ponder how fortunate I am to have such a unique role. And she got to meet Brené Brown who we both love.

I’m grateful for the Iowa Buffet and dive bars in general because the culture, often delicious food, and absurdly low prices that lie inside can’t be understood until you go see for yourself.

I’m grateful for Diana Zeng introducing me to the Society of Grownups. Not only is it an incredibly fun name to say, it has also shaped how I think about professional services and how people want to access knowledge in today’s society.

I’m grateful for my parents and my father’s humility.

I’m grateful for Brie Alley, Josh Shelly, Abbey Lemons, Jim Arsenault, Kevin Byerley and Chloé Risto for taking part in the first ever, and soon to be repeated, “Braised Up. Smoked Out.” A wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon in October.

I’m grateful for CIC, Venture Café and all the wonderful people I work with. I mean…. how many offices have a firepit and garden behind them. And concerts in their front yard?

I’m grateful for the opportunity to have visited San Francisco to study the Business Model Canvas in depth. I met many wonderful people who with I feel a strategy nerd kinship. They are certainly part of my tribe (h/t Seth Godin).

I’m grateful for Meghan Doherty being the person I can call about anything.

I’m grateful for this guy, my brother Clayton, whose birthday is the day after mine. We’d both tell you that we were not super close growing up. But we are making great strides to change that.

Finally, I’m grateful for this journey I have the pleasure of walking. It’s not always easy but feel lucky to wake up every day healthy, drink good coffee, head to an exciting job, and interact with inspiring and hilarious people. Life is good.

See you around 33.

LeBeau out