From Walking to Talking Dead

Life is live.

Living means to be active, curious, future oriented, realtime, on, touchable, open minded, connected, sharing and caring, human.
There is no chance to stop, to plan, to organize, to execute step by step, to control, to hinder.
There is no longterm benefit to fight, to blame others, to lie, to steal, to harm.

Why? Because it’s retro, outdated, boring, senseless, uncool.

But current economy works according these negative patterns.

Each person has to win, each team has to win, each company has to win, each shareholder has to win, each scientist has to win, each university has to win, each politician has to win, each athlete has to win, each musician has to win, each artist has to win, each school has to win, each teacher has to win, each child has to win, each religion has to win, each culture has to win, each city has to win, each region has to win, each nation has to win, each continent has to win.

We are a winning society.

In order to find the winner in each category we have ratings, rankings, elections, votings, contests.

We are a voting society.

Some of us win because they are executing existing law which is not good for innovation and change.
Some of us win because they take provisions or fees without adding value.
Some of us win because they understand how not to work or how to work slowly without enthusiasm.
Some of us win because they bet on a political party.
Some of us win because they just do what others are saying without thinking without personal moral or ethical checks.
Some of us win because they ignore living or hinder living of others.
Some of us win because they say no.
Some of us win because they have many reasons why new things will fail.
Some of us win because they fight.

We are a winning society. For a minority based on fights and votes.

But, winning means that others have to loose.

We are a loosing society. For the most of us.

But loosing is no option, so we are fighting to win regardless of any consequences.

In order to win, many of us join communities. But these communities turn out to become Walking Dead communities. They bite each other, they fear each other, nobody knows who is already infected.

Most of us are infected. And we already know that.

But interesting enough, most of us are dead, but cannot walk anymore.

So we become part of the Talking Dead community.

We are talking about good old times.
We are talking about our achievements in the past.
We are talking about next generation that they are less good as we are.
We are talking what should be done.
We are talking about 100 reasons why something new cannot be successful.
We are talking about potential threads without experience.
We are talking how to save current status.
We are talking about future risks.
We are talking about borders, barriers, and walls.

If you are a Talking Dead, ignore me.

If you think you are different, join and connect.

cleebrate the change.


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