An Open Letter Concerning the Cleveland Clinic’s Persistent Financial Support of President Trump

EDIT 8/17:

Thank you for your support! On August 17 2017, the Cleveland Clinic canceled its 2018 fundraiser at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort. Our campaign declared victory, but the fight for health justice continues on many fronts, and we will work to confront them together.

Also, many thanks to ProgressOhio, Cuyahoga County Progressive Caucus, George Karandinos / Harvard Medicine Indivisible, Nuriel Moghavem of the Informed Consent weekly newsletter and other groups, for their amazing support. We are lucky to have you in our community and to work with you.

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To the Board of Directors of the Cleveland Clinic:

On February 25th, 2017, despite vehement patient and physician outcry from the local community and on the national stage, the Cleveland Clinic held their annual fundraiser at Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort.

As outlined in our January 31st letter with over 1,700 signatories, holding a fundraiser at Mar-a-Lago is unacceptable because it symbolically and financially supports a politician actively working to decrease access to healthcare and cut billions of dollars in research funding from the National Institutes of Health budget. This undermines the Cleveland Clinic’s mission, ethics and reputation.

Now, despite both private (in meetings with our group) and public pledges that the event would no longer be held in that location, it appears the Clinic once again plans to patronize the Trump Organization by holding a fundraiser at Mar-a-Lago in 2018. This is shocking behavior for a respected institution that names integrity as core to their Statement of Values.

No matter how convenient or lucrative it may be to do business with the Trump Organization, it is an inherently political act. Hosting the event on Trump property is a symbolic and financial endorsement of the President’s policies and statements, many of which threaten our patients’ health — particularly the very young, the very old, cancer patients, and the chronically ill. This is explicitly counter to the Clinic’s stated core values of compassion and integrity. Holding the fundraiser in that location comes at the expense of the most vulnerable among us.

Although raising funds for patient care is critically important, the way the money is raised makes a powerful statement about the Clinic’s values. By holding this fundraiser at Mar-a-Lago, the Cleveland Clinic expresses its support of President Trump both symbolically and financially.

The Clinic cannot conduct business as usual in the face of patients’ and colleagues’ concerns about Trump’s healthcare policies. How healthcare providers and their institutions choose to exercise their influence can be as consequential as any prescription or procedure. This is a test of ethics in challenging times, and the Clinic’s community, both in Cleveland and beyond, is watching.

Our demand is simple, and has not changed: the Cleveland Clinic must hold the fundraiser at another location that is not affiliated with the Trump Organization. Fundraising events should not directly enrich a politician actively working to take healthcare from our patients and research funding from our labs. The Cleveland Clinic must make finding a new location for the fundraiser a priority. Indeed, other leading institutions like the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute have now ceased to hold their fundraisers at this venue. Refusing to relocate the fundraiser sends a message to Cleveland Clinic patients, students, and faculty, that their concerns do not matter to this institution.

Since the contract has yet to be signed, now is the time for the Clinic to find a venue for the fundraiser that is in line with its values, and to reaffirm its commitment to improving healthcare for all. We are deeply concerned about this issue, and we will continue to voice our concern loudly and publicly until we are certain that the Cleveland Clinic will hold its fundraiser elsewhere.

The Cleveland Clinic prides itself on being fully committed to the best interests of its patients. Now is the time to demonstrate that commitment.


1. Gloria Tavera, MD/PhD candidate, Case Western School of Medicine

2. Vanessa Van Doren, MD Candidate, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

3. Nikhil Krishnan, MD Candidate, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

4. Emily Verbus, MD candidate, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

5. Paige Hamilton, MD candidate, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

6. Micah Johnson, MD Candidate, Harvard Medical School

7. Meaghan Diffenderfer

8. T Nicholas Domitrovic, Master’s Candidate, Case Western Reserve University

9. Tanya S. Khan, MD candidate , Northeast Ohio Medical University

10. Julia Blanchette, BSN, RN, CDE, PhD Student , Case Western Reserve University

11. Jason Chao, MD, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

12. Lutetia Li, MD candidate, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

13. Sarah Seresinghe, MD Candidate, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

14. Emily Durbak, MD Candidate, Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine

15. Sara Myers, MD Candidate, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

16. Harini Ushasri

17. Rosemary Behmer Hansen, MPH/MA candidate, Case Western Reserve University

18. Ryan Hansen, Graduate student researcher, Case Western Reserve University

19. Deborah Silverstein, State Director, SPAN Ohio

20. Anna Quian MD candidate , Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

21. Ellen Pill, Ph.D., Cleveland Clinic long-time patient

22. Arnon Reichers, Ph.D, Retired OSU faculty

23. Sanjay Sridaran, MD Candidate, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

24. Kayla Hicks, MD Candidate, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

25. Arthur Lavin MD, CWRU

26. Lyba Zia, MD Candidate , CWRU SOM

27. Eric Curfman, Medical Student, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

28. Eric R. Schreiber, MD, Cleveland Clinic (ret)

29. Michele Allio, CEO

30. Jeffrey Evans, Retired

31. Rachel Sosnowchik, Organizing for Action

32. Marcia R Silver MD, CWRU at MHMC

33. Stuart J. Youngner, Professor of Bioethics and Psychiatry, CWRU, School of Medicine

34. Melanie Shearer, MT(ASCP)PBTCM, CMA(AAMA), Individual

35. Rachel Rosen DeGolia, National Physicians Alliance, Northeast Ohio

36. Mr and Mrs Ray Laning, education/engineering

37. Melanie T. Cushion, Ph.D., University of Cincinnati College of Medicine

38. Stacy Grossman

39. claudia esslinger, kenyon college

40. Ellen Dryer, DVM, Seven Hills Pet Clinic

41. Rev. Dave Sickles, Jamie & Jesse Ministries

42. Athena Vrettos, PhD, Associate Professor of English, CWRU

43. Victoria Hamilton, BA candidate in Sociology, Case Western Reserve University

44. Beth Thompson, MSSA, LSW, Community Partner — Milestones Autism Resources

45. Wendy A. Jorgensen, Ph.D, Pediatric Special Needs

46. Ellen Greene Bush PhD, Clinical Psychologist

47. Rick Sowash, author/composer, Cincinnati OH

48. Kelly Tuttle PhD

49. Megan Alabaugh

50. Nancy Eisenberg , Retired

51. Mark Hayduke Grenard

52. Jeffrey Mumford, Lorain County Community Cllege

53. Linda G. Butler, MSW, ACSW, LISW-S, Butler Consulting

54. J Bell

55. Janet Parks, retired professor, Bowling Green State University

56. Bonny Chow

57. Wendy A. Jorgensen, PhD, Family Health Education, Ohio State University

58. Melanie Dheel

59. Katherine Vetter

60. Leann Kuchenbuch, Newly retired bank executive

61. Anne M. LaPidus, retiree

62. Erin J. Bell, MLIS, Cleveland State University

63. Ms. Rebecca Mosher

64. Anne Adams Pipps, BS/MA, Educator

65. John W Wyllie, MD, Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital

66. Jim Froelich, American Federation of Musicians

67. Donna Coleman/Adjunct Professor, Lorain County Community College

68. Ian Halliwell Ph.D, Aerospace Engineering Consultant

69. Laura Huff

70. Brandice Schnabel, MSW, LISW-S, Sky Witness Healing Arts

71. D. Clarke

72. Jacob R. Raitt, B.S., M.S., Ph.D., Retired

73. Gina Bates

74. S. A. Linden, LMT, NCBTMB, self-practice

75. Rachelle Rapp

76. Amanda Monyak, N/A

77. Kim Kensler-Prager Owner, Tyme for Trave;

78. Sara Miller, PhD, retired

79. Jennifer Fremont

80. David E. Prentice, Executive Secretary Treasurer, Tri-County Regional Labor Council, AFL/CIO, CLC

81. Terry Withers , School

82. Loren Miller

83. Kathleen Shields, Patient; event volunteer and supporter

84. Susan Manuel, former Cleveland resident and Clinic patient

85. Judith Malhotra, RN, MSN, APRN, University of Toledo Medical Center

86. Vicki Resnick, Patient

87. Patricia Leppla, Speech Pathologist

88. Anna Reising, citizen and voter

89. Dr Stephanie Tingley, Youngstown State University

90. Cynthia J. Strebig, self-employed, Gold Star Consulting

91. Pearl Tsang, Ph.D., University of Cincinnati

92. Jim DeSalvo Retired., N/A

93. Ms Eva Webster

94. Ulonda Sweeney, University of Toledo Health Medical Center

95. Diane M. Dodge, Director, Ohio NOW Education and Legal Fund

96. Rebecca Brown, retired teacher and educated electorate member

97. Mara Christine

98. Steve Jones

99. Jim DeWille, PhD,

100. Mary Zaller — Director of Business Development, Imagine Exhibitions

101. Teressia A. Bowen/ Paraprofessional, Retired Educator

102. Robert C. Foulk, PhD, Candidate for City Council, Upper Arlington, OH and former patient

103. Victoria M. Berger RN

104. Gregory P. Molloy

105. Michael Link

106. David Landdbergen

107. Pedro Carrizales, Realtor, NAR,OAR,TRAR

108. Sue Sutton, RN, MSN, NP, UCSF School of Nursing

109. Ms Sandra E Koterba

110. Deborah Ferrell, Ohio resident

111. Mary A. Gregg MS, RN, CNM

112. Margaret A Malone, JD, Retired

113. Debra Goran, Ph.D. psychologist, private practice

114. Barbara Eakins, Retired from The Ohio State University

115. Traci Autzen

116. Stephen Hanzely, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Youngstown State Univ.

117. Cody Caldwell RT(R)(CT), Holzer

118. Joan Lang, CSJ, Congregation of St. Joseph

119. Cheri Misleh Medical Instructor, The University of Cincinnati School of Medicine

120. Thomas E. Meiring, Ph.D., LPCC-S, InnerView Behavioral Care (MBHC, Inc.)

121. David Lima, LISW, Private Practice,

122. Mary Ellen Lucas

123. Deborah J. Chany, RN, Prevention education — Public Health

124. Jude Fenwick

125. Michael F Kvintus

126. Derek Bauman

127. Daniel W van Heeckeren, MD, Ret. , Retired

128. Christopher Campagna, Assoc Prof, University of Cincinnati

129. Ann Ols

130. Mrs. Sue Hanlin, MyTax payer money supports the place

131. Melanie Warman, former co-owner, independent pharmacy

132. Kate McCarthy

133. Mr David Longacre patient, Cleveland Clinic

134. Denis Smith, Retired School Administrator

135. Ted W. Knapke, Ph.D., Retired

136. Dr. Carl D. Evans , Private Practice

137. Rhonda Marr

138. Brooke Preston, Ohio citizen

139. Scott Nelson, RT, As

140. Margaret C. Snydet, MS, SSA, DD Board

141. James A.Garfield, M.D.

142. John Horvath, citizen, Worker Bee

143. Annette Whaley, Cincinnati Health Department

144. Stephen H Bossin, Media Consultant

145. Holly Palda, MSSA, Social Worker

146. Daniel j hurleyMD, Private Geriatrics’s medicine.

147. Joshua Krauss, engineer

148. Carol Burnett

149. Maria Duer, insurance agent , Insurance agent

150. Carol Adams / artist/teacher, self-employed

151. Patricia and Donald Denny, CC Paying Customer

152. Barbara Daniel, Publisher, The Cleveland Women’s Journal magazine publishes information on health and wellness

153. Ruth Fisk, Ed.D., Retired

154. Dorothy S. Mazon

155. Joyce Goldstein

156. Tina Porter, Admin. Assistant, Judicial

157. Joyce Weida, public school teacher, retired, National Education Association, National Organization for Women

158. Clayton Fant, PhD, University of Akron (retired)

159. Lawrence Busby, Retired

160. Kathryn Westlake, RPh, MA, PharmD, University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center

161. Loretta Kerns

162. Elizabeth Speidel, JD

163. Ann M. Black, MSW, Retired Clinical Social Worker

164. Elaine Davis

165. Amy Elder, Professor Emerita, University of Cincinnati

166. Brent Henschen/ Retired Deputy Sheriff

167. Simon Foster, Project Management Institute

168. Melissa Kritzell Advocate Leader OCRFA , STNA MED 1

169. Shehrever Masters

170. Josh Levine, PhD

171. Trevor Masters

172. N. Mason, M.Ed. , Longtime CC patient who is very disappointed to hear this and will switch all my docs if I have to!

173. Marie Keegan

174. Claire Chougnet, PharmD, PhD, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

175. John A. Derrick, Captain (Retired), Delta Air Lines

176. Lana Marcella , scientist/legal assistant

177. Kathryn Meitzler, patient, Cleveland Clinic, Wooster

178. Christopher Stewart, PhD, CWRU Alum

179. Catherine A. Henry, MD, FACP, Retired Staff Physician, Cleveland Clinic Foundation

180. Mr. Philip Lipton, Patient

181. David R. Burwasser, occasional patien, AARP

182. Reeve Love, Ph.D.

183. Jessica Madsen, DMA, University of Cincinnati

184. Karl Koessel, None

185. Jan Lindner, Licensed Massage Therapist (Emeritus), retired from private practice

186. Rev Joan VanBecelaere, MDiv, Unitarian Universsalist Justice Ohio

187. Mary Joan Kreuzman, PhD, The College of Wooster

188. Deborah Schwartz, PhD, Professor Emerita, Lourdes University

189. Philip Strickland, Danbury Assistant Liviving

190. Jeffrey Smith

191. Adele Eisner, Independent Massage Practioner

192. Brooke Macnamara, Assistant Professor, Case Western Reserve University

193. Linda Musmeci Kimball

194. Jacqueline Lantis RN, Parish Nurse

195. Cynthia Marshall, Perry Local School District

196. Adrian Schnall, MD, CWRU School of Medicine

197. Matthew J Jadud, Clinic Patient

198. Ms. Marge Carnahan

199. Victoria Zahka, N/A

200. Rev Van Camp Chiles, retired Methodist minister

201. Sarah Hughes

202. Darice Veri, Educator

203. Abby White, BA candidate, Columbia University

204. David Youngdahl, CEO, Greater Cleveland Hospital Ass0s.

205. Raymond Moser, retired

206. Mrs., None. Active citizen.

207. Tracy Leinbaugh, PhD, NCC, LPCC, Ohio University

208. John Brehm, RN, Memorial Health

209. Lesley Woodward, Private citizen

210. Amit Sheth, PhD, Wright State University

211. Marcy O’Brien, Ohio University

212. M. Worth

213. Angela Vitale, JD

214. Karin Cseak, DO

215. Paula Gluntz, JD

216. Debbie Peterson, United States

217. Pamela Myers, retired

218. John Thompson, Patient, Cleveland Clinic

219. Hallie B Durchslag, PhD, psychotherapist

220. Michelle Zappo RN, Cleveland Clinic Foundation

221. Melissa Stalnaker, Clelveland Clinic

222. Heather Brack

223. John Sniegocki, Ph.D., Xavier University

224. Michelle Zappone, Cleveland Clinic Foundation

225. Alice Ryan, RN

226. Justin Mendoza, MPH, Public Citizen

227. J. F., Geologist

228. T. Martin Brex

229. Michelle R. Federico, REMAX Results

230. Barbara Bachtell

231. Kathleen Callitsis

232. Chantal Ergh

233. Sandy Theis, Executive Director, ProgressOhio

234. Marlene Sheaffer, PCC-S, The Village Network

235. Mrs. Carol Thombs, My doctors are affiliated with the Cleveland Clinic.

236. Anthony G. Yankus, State Contract Manager (retired), State of Ohio

237. Michael C. Flavin, Retired

238. Mr. John Conway, Pres., Conder Company

239. Caroline J O’Connell, OSU Moritz College of Law

240. Brandon Krapes

241. Carol Ganzel (retired)

242. Susanne Dyke, Customer with a choice in healthcare providers

243. Mary Jo Petersmaqn, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine

244. Elizabeth Melzer, patient

245. Thomas J. Froehlich, Ph.D., Kent State University

246. Mary Coy, JD, TLCPA

247. Sara Pollak

248. Janet Kravitz

249. Robin Clancy, Kent State University

250. John Keenan, Ms. Ed., Retired

251. Cheryl E. Weinstein, MD, Retired Cleveland Clinic Professional Staff; Clinical assistant Professor of Medicine CWRU School of Medicine

252. john lemasters

253. Gary Metzenbacher NHA

254. Mollie M Ahern, President

255. Elizabeth Roberts-Zibbel, BG Independent News

256. Judy Alsip, Cleveland Clinic patient

257. Gina Butan, Teacher

258. Nancy Warren

259. Lynne Wilson

260. Dorothy Haverbusch, Retired Psychologist

261. William Davis, Premier Health (retired)

262. Susan McCrary, LISWS, Concord Counseling/ Kepro

263. Joseph Burlingame

264. Janice Lessman-Moss, Professor, Kent State University

265. Dr. Megan Perkins, PharmD, BCPS

266. Skylar Blannin

267. Reed M. Bailey

268. Christopher Blannin

269. Adrienne N. Chinni, M.A., Family Guidance Center

270. Teresa Kammerman, Pediatricenter of Greater Cleveland

271. Gerald R. Black, MSE, Retired Aerospace Engineer

272. Rebecca Stump

273. Janine Tiffe Ph.D., Kent State University

274. Elizabeth Barry, voter in OHIO

275. Marjorie Castanien, retired teacher, AAUW

276. Joyce Kahle, RN, BSN

277. Jyotsna Sreenivasan, teacher

278. Barbara Rodriguez, Citizen

279. Lynda Bernays, concerned citizen, Forest Hill Church, Presbyterian

280. Mary Mynatt, RRT, retired

281. anna mills, A MOTHER!

282. Kimberly Perez

283. Kathleen Ross, Patient

284. Kimberly Armstrong, speech-language pathologist

285. Kathryn Kram, Nurse and Dietitian in private practice

286. Donna A. Dowling, PhD, RN

287. Patrick Vitone, Volunteer, CCF Volunteer Humanitarian Award, 2016

288. Colleen Traud C-AA, Cleveland Clinic

289. Lois M. Logan, Retire

290. Natalie Martin

291. Mary Jane Vennitti

292. Michael M. Lederman MD; Professor of Medicine, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

293. J. Kathryn Lukey RN, MS retired educator, Upper Valley Career Center

294. Louise Alluis, MSW, JD, Non-profit executive, retired

295. Karl S. Erbland

296. Joseph Dobbins, High School educator

297. Louise Valentine, Consumer science professional & OH voter

298. Carolyn J. Ahern, former (and currently horrified) CCF employee

299. Clare Weinkam

300. Daniel Ress, JD student, University of Colorado

301. Ms. Jill Brothers

302. Tanya L Rable-Collins CPM, Center for Humane Options In Childbirth Experiences (CHOICE)

303. Brittany Neil

304. Mary Benis, retired educator

305. Laurel Wagner and John Nelson, Patient at Cleveland Clinic

306. Karl S. Roth, M.D., Retired Pediatric Dept Chair, Creighton U. School of Medicine

307. Joseph Ahern

308. Dinah Volk, PhD, Professor Emerita, Cleveland State University

309. Christopher Stimson, Retiree

310. Jane MIller, CCF patient, volunteer and patient

311. Zachariah T Baer

312. Norman La Wernet III, President, Ohio Alliance for Retired Americans Educational Fund

313. Rebecca Winter

314. Gail Wissel, Retired public school teacher

315. Kathleen Flanagan RN — retired

316. Bill, Marjorie, Ellen and Andrea Berlinghof, Family of longtime patient 2015–16

317. Ralph Orr

318. Keith and Karen Kerr, retired teachers CMSD

319. Mary M. Duerksen, One who is shocked that you would patronize a business person who does not care about the health of others.

320. Dale Read, retired, Trinity Health

321. J Mark Stewart, Ph.D., Retired Educator

322. Roland A. Duerksen

323. Patricia Opaskar, citizen

324. Robert Janusko, PhD

325. Summer R Hughes, MFS

326. Anne S Wise, MD, MPH, Neighborhood Family Practice

327. Martha Krebs, Attorner

328. Ms. Barbara Newell, Retired

329. Schuyler M. Cook, JD/MLS, Retired Law Librarian

330. Kathleen Gmeiner, JD, MHSA

331. Raeann Hess, Education

332. Melinda Nash COTA/L.

333. Jim Hobbs, Retired, Retired

334. Mike Ignatowski DO

335. Brady Furlich, student, Kenyon College

336. Becky Nolt, Retired educator

337. Susan Shelangoskie, PhD, Lourdes University

338. Helen Miller, None

339. Carol Manda

340. Henry Jones, patient

341. Susan Watkins, The Ohio State University

342. Selena Johnson / Concerned Citizen

343. Anjali Raghuram, MD Candidate

344. Janet Lawrence

345. Wayne Hudson, Patient

346. Marilynne Walsh, Retired Educator/Counselor, AAUW

347. Rick Russell

348. Kathy Chuparkoff LPT, physical therapist

349. Susan Wagner DVM, MS, ACVIM, The Ohio State University

350. Seth Orbach — Patient

351. Marian Harris, concerned citizen

352. Michael G. Pacifico MT(ASCP) , Medical Technologist Cleveland Clinic Blood Bank (former)

353. Margaret Herten, Nurse

354. Ms. Elizabeth Brennan

355. Jan Hall

356. Linda Vietz

357. Beverly Mick

358. Margaret A LaRosa Diet Clerk (Retired), Fairview Hospital

359. Mr. Chow-chi Huang

360. Pat Lalor

361. Eric Noderer

362. Susan Royal, Professor

363. Alice Roth, patient

364. Judith G. Sagendorf RN, Retired

365. Rev. Thomas E. Sagendorf, United Methodist Pastor, Retired

366. William Miller, Retired

367. Rev. Eric H. Meter, Unitarian Universalist Church

368. Ms Lucille Smith, MIT admin staff retired

369. Dawn Kosec

370. Jan Henderson, Ed.D, University of Illinois

371. Gaynelle Predmore, former patient, Bowling Green State University

372. Denise Kelly, CourseArc

373. John Sefchik

374. Peggy Meeds, OTR/L

375. Janice Wilfing , Retired

376. Thomas Traut, retired teacher, Patient of two doctors who are no longer affiliated with Cleveland Clinic

377. Ann Geddes, PhD pathologist, (retired) USC School of Medicine

378. Kellie McIvor

379. Crystal Erdman

380. Mr. Allen Esses

381. Tim Miller

382. Sallie Troutman MBA, University of Cincinnati

383. Caroline T. Gilroy

384. Jennifer Page, PhD , University of Zurich

385. Susan S. Lenahan

386. David A. Nickey, Ph.D., The Ohio State University

387. Mandy Noda, RN, BSN, Cleveland Clinic

388. Ronald McCoy

389. MaryAnna Yankus, Columbus State Community College, Retired HR

390. M E Gilchrist

391. Johanne Bradd

392. Carol Bihn

393. Paul Gordon Larmeu , Sinclair Community College Rey.

394. Katherine Readey, Health Care software company

395. BA, MLT(ASCP), Cleveland Clinic

396. David Gurarie, Prof., Dep-t of Mathematics & CGHD/Medical School, CWRU

397. Harriet G Friedman,MA Developmental Specialist retired

398. Elizabeth Rogers, PhD, Miami University

399. Craig Mancuso

400. Robert J. Rittenhouse Ph. D.

401. Deborah Mancuso

402. Emily Waples, Assistant Professor of Biomedical Humanities, Hiram College

403. Sieglinde Warren, Retired Educator

404. Valentina Gurarie, Alltel

405. Cindy Lowrey

406. Meredith Lough, LISW, Nationwide Children’s Hospital

407. Carol Arbaczewski, patient, Retired

408. Loretta Janusko, Patient

409. Bonita Kale

410. Nancy Coyle, retired

411. Kathy Marti

412. Zackary Berger, MD, PhD, Associate Professor of Medicine, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and Clinicians for Progressive Care

413. Karl w Hess, md, faap, Kaiser permanente

414. Laura Rice, CRNA

415. Bruce Lott, IEEE

416. James Krellenstein

417. Mr. James Cunningham

418. Mooydeen Frees, R.N., Retired

419. Robert Mulcahy, MD, Internal medicine, retired

420. Brad Zehr, MD candidate, Boston University School of Medicine

421. Joan E. Van Skaik, Director of Memory Care

422. Eileen Hamidi, HS Teacher

423. A Joanne Siegla, retired CPA

424. Mrs. Christine Rohde

425. Mrs. Mary Foote

426. David A. Lipstreu, Former patient

427. Christa Bauke , Concerned citizen

428. Cathy J. Levine? JD, MA, Retired

429. Stacy Jackson, an informed consumer & patient

430. Eileen T Mohr, MS, Retired

431. Sharon Brown, Psy.D.

432. Amy Sackman Odum, Retired- Director of Community Development

433. Ms holly Gigante, Cotizen

434. Gary Young, PMP, Project Management Institute

435. April Spivey, CCF employee & patient

436. William A Hull, NREMT-P, Retired; United Methodist pastor, Retired, Toledo Fire/Rescue, Retired; Cancer patient

437. Dennis and Carol Jeanneret

438. Nuriel Moghavem, MD, Santa Clara Valley Medical Center

439. Kelley Jacobs

440. Janette Stender, Retired

441. David J. Van Dyk

442. Carole Snyder, Retired, , State of Ohio

443. Andrea Mindell

444. Harry W Pollock MD, Monadnock Family Services

445. Leslie Cassidy, Self

446. Mr. Todd Davis

447. Roger Atkin

448. Neal V Dawson, MD, Retired

449. Robert Niedzielski, PhD, The University of Toledo

450. Jerry Dolcini, patient, STRS

451. Jonda Clemings, MSEd, LSW

452. Samuel Cohn, MD, Cleveland Clinic

453. Keith B. Runion, Ed.D. Associate Professor Emeritus, UALR

454. Catherine Romanos, MD

455. Lara R. Hart, MD, Roswell OB/Gyn

456. Ted Strickland, Ph.D., Psychology, Ohio’s 68th Governor

457. Steve Lederer

458. Rob Rocco

459. Sydelle Zinn, MT., MHCA, retired, National Cancer Institute, NIH and CWRU

460. Ms. Cheryl West, Cleveland Metro School teacher

461. Kathlee Vogel MS, Ohio state

462. Patrick Tchou, Cleveland Clinic

463. Bonnie Fruchey, Retired Business Owner

464. Valerie A. Schoen, BA, MICP, NREMT-P (ret), CCEMTP (ret)

465. Erin Rees, Ohio Resident

466. Kellie West, DBA

467. Robin Salter, Ph.D., Emeritus Professor, Oberlin College

468. Alissa Paolella, United Church Homes

469. Hardy Eshbaugh, Prof emeritus, Miami University, Oxford, OH

470. Francisco Okhuysen

471. Gregg Hamilton, patient, Patient

472. Retired, Lakewood Public Schools

473. Jeanne Boeke, Retired Physical Therapist

474. Fred Glock / Health Care Consumer, retired Chemical Engineer

475. David Clash, Retired Energizer Engineer — Clinic Patient

476. Vivien Sandlund, Professor of History

477. Paula Chenevey, Stg 4 cancer patient, Cleveland Clinic

478. Robert Haslag, Citizen

479. Wendy Dobo

480. Goens Kennedy, Registered Nurse

481. Joseph T Wiley, PLAN of Southwest Ohio

482. Patricia J Volz BSJ MBA

483. Janine R. Lockhart, patient

484. F. Michael Lorz

485. Pamela Melnick

486. Michael Lindeborg, Harvard Medical School

487. Mahima Venkatesh, MD candidate, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine

488. Ms Donna M Herring

489. Erin Sieke, MD/MS candidate, Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine

490. Jessica Powell, patient and mother

491. Sonya Petrakovitz, MA, PhD student, Case Western Reserve University

492. Tyrone Hamler, MSW,LSW/ PhD student , Case Western Reserve University

493. Kelley Scanlon

494. Thelma Silver, Ph.D LISW-S

495. Mr. Cameron M. Ingram, MD candidate, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine

496. Gretchen Glasgow, PhD, Retired Nurse Researcher and Professor

497. Harlan R. Cohen

498. Jennifer Cowart, MD, Society of Hospital Medicine, Society of General Internal Medicine

499. Ronni Taylor, kidney transplant recipient

500. Elizabeth Weinstein

501. Oletta F. Jones, R.N., LMT

502. Steven Higgins, Professor of Chemistry

503. Carlos Menendez, MD, Family Health Services of Darke County

504. Danielle Janota, Ph.D.

505. Heather Stevenson RN

506. C. Mendel

507. Lu Roth, retired

508. Amy Flatow

509. Roxana Daneshvar Sharifi , Applied Change Management

510. Mary K. Kirtz, Ph.D., Professor Emerita University of Akron

511. Eleanor Helper, retired scientist, patient, retired

512. Diann Brown, BS, Med, adjunct Bowling Green State University, Cleveland Clinic patient

513. Mrs. Melinda Kellhofer, patient

514. Danielle Braun

515. Phyllis M.Elmo, M.Ed. Rehabilitation Counselong, Former OH Rehabilitation Services Commission

516. Andrea Peakovic French, patient

517. Audray Wiesen, Jane Q Public

518. Teresa Schleicher

519. Richard H. Bromund, Professor of Chemistry, Emeritus, The College of Wooster

520. Constance Plavcan

521. Health-related business owner, retired attorney, former U S Senator’s Legislative Assistant, former Ohio Governor’s Cabinet Member, Patient at OSU Medical Center

522. Ronald Wolniewicz

523. Robert Guyton, M.S.W. and M.Div., mental health therapist, Hopewell Health Centers, Inc

524. Jennifer Higgins

525. William E. Katzin, MD, PhD, Cleveland Clinic Foundation Fellow, 1987, 1988

526. Isabel Kopp MAT/KSU, Artist and Art teacher

527. Gail Russell, concerned citizen

528. B. Rosee

529. Emily Lampe, Cleveland Clinic patient

530. Meg Bacon, HIM student and RHIT candidate, Cuyahoga Community College

531. Jennifer Cowart, MD, Society of Hospital Medicine, Society of General Internal Medicine

532. Carol Lyden CT (ASCP), Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center

533. Mark Freeman

534. Molly Callahan, Cleveland Clinic patient

535. Laura Germaine, Teacher

536. Jennifer Southerington, Teacher

537. Martha Stephens, Ph.D Retired Faculty , University of Cincinnati

538. Jameson Alford

539. Lauren Sarg, MPA, Cuyahoga Ciunty Board of DD

540. Diane Homza-Dacek, citizen of Cuyahoga County

541. Jennifer Cowart, MD, Society of Hospital Medicine, Society of General Internal Medicine

542. Daryl J Shrider, LISW

543. Elaine M Grubb LPCC LICDC, Prevail Counseling LLC

544. Karen Kindel. lisw-s

545. Katherine Gharrity

546. Jennifer Cowart, MD, Society of Hospital Medicine, Society of General Internal Medicine

547. Daniel A. Medalie, MD, Case Western Reserve Medical School

548. C. Flament, educator

549. Carol Steinhagen, PhD, Professor emerita, Marietta College

550. Candy Peak, Retired public school teacher, National Education Associan Retired

551. Deborah Cain, retired

552. Daniel Shook

553. Georgene palmer

554. Maria Turney RN, Retired Rn

555. Diane Lee-Smith R.R.T., Retired

556. Derek lindes, Teacher

557. Elizabeth Fels, MTS, Harvard Divinity School

558. Jeffrey Bradian

559. Kathi Domalski RN

560. Carol Elizabeth Pressler MFA, Artist; Visual Arts and Special Education Teacher

561. Lew Sarr

562. Ann Dunning, AIA, architect, AIA

563. Lenaia Kramer

564. Erin Salva, Higher education

565. Brad Cotton, MD, FACEP

566. Jeanne Melvin, President, Public Education Partners

567. Sophia Loizos, Retired teacher

568. Allison Thomas CRNP

569. Lisa Blank

570. Liz Dunn

571. Mike Starr, Concerned Citizen

572. Bryce Phelan

573. Don Pew,

574. Katherine E. Kikel

575. Brian Lewis MD, University of Wisconsin and Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine Alumni

576. Francis S. Bellezza, retired

577. Roberta L. Thompson

578. Carol Gottesman, RN

579. Suzette Reynolds

580. Mary Gavin-Wagner

581. Lillian Covarrubias, retired union officer

582. Adrienne Strong, PhD, Columbia University

583. Alice Dugar, Science Educator

584. Lisa Ullman

585. Karen Deighton, retired educator

586. Gary Deighton, retired

587. Gail Stephany, Patient Cleveland Clinic, Retired Cleveland Teacher

588. Marie Smith, patient

589. John & Joan Robertson, patients at Cleveland Clinic

590. Raphael Pristoop, MD, American College of Physicians

591. sandy stone

592. Rev. Mary Joseph, retired clergy

593. Kathleen Taylor, Patient, CCF Volunteer

594. John C Barron

595. Marybeth Rose, Cleveland Clinic Patient

596. Jill W. Welsh, Jill W. Welsh, Inc.

597. Dee Jemison, HR Director, (Ret)

598. Al Moss, artist/musicain, Kent State Univ., bands too numerous to mention

599. Elaine Appling

600. Connie Vaughn

601. Dr. Lawrence J. Starzyk, Professor Emeritus, Kent State University

602. Rachel Reid, RN

603. Reverend Susanna Goulder, Minister

604. Mr.& Mrs. Nino Silvestro

605. Pamela Cramer-Primeau

606. Ms. Lin Montagno RN BSN, Disabled Nurse

607. Molly McKibben, JD

608. Yutan Getzler, PhD

609. Linda P. Bodie, PsyD, Retired Clinical Psychologist Department of Veterans Affairs

610. Carol Wheeler, RN, The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center

611. Janet A Kuhn

612. Ardith Wake, Retired librarian

613. Jeanne Ivancic retiree, Westlake Porter Public Library

614. Elaine Long, Retired public school teacher

615. William S. Hanger, Director of Institutional Relations Emeritus, Miami University

616. Mrs. Ann Morahan, retired teacher Westerville City Schools

617. Adina Davidson Ph.D, Private Practice, Family Therapy

618. Jill Wagner, Education

619. Lindsay Thimmig, Medical Student, Georgetown University School of Medicine

620. Lisa M Jones, MD, Greater New Bedford CHC

621. Ilse J Meyer

622. Matthew McClester, Patient Customer, Fisher Titus Norwalk

623. Karen Zehr, IT professional

624. Michelle Davis

625. Barbara Kussow

626. Emily Gonzales, RN

627. Susan H. Robinson, LPCC, mental health counselor, private practice

628. Camilla Maybee, MD Candidate, The George Washington University

629. Froma Zeitlin, Professor Emeritus, Princeton University

630. Karen Lewicki MD, University of Vermont Medical Center

631. Caryn Austen , N/A

632. Judy Peterson

633. Chelsey Judge, PhD, Case Western Reserve University

634. Karen Abel Jepsen, patient caregiver , Ohio taxpayer

635. Ruth Sewell, just another advocate of healthcare for all

636. Victoria Belfiglio, Esq., retired

637. Celia Ryder RN, MSN, PNP-BC, National Institutes of Health — retired

638. Dr Cate Matisi , Worthington Center Mental Health Clinic

639. Eric J. B. Shapiro, M.D., CWRU School of Medicine, Clinical Faculty

640. Cynthia J Pierce, Volunteer Woman’s City Club of Greater Cincinnati , Woman’s City Club of Greater Cincinnati

641. Teresa Schmidt, OTR, occupational therapist — AOTA

642. Kathleen S. Burgess, retired public school teacher

643. Susan Heath, patient

644. Diane Lee-Smith R.R.T., Retired

645. Jane Kaschak RN, Valley Hospice

646. Alice Robrish

647. Anne Slaven, MSSA, Mandel School, Case Western Reserve

648. Scott Wm. Simpson, former paralegal, disabled

649. John Dawson, BA, MBA, Retired, Cleveland Clinic patient

650. Steven Norris

651. Laura Dachenbach

652. Josh Zeitlin, MD candidate, Weill Cornell Medical College

653. Mrs. Marie Sanoba

654. Tanya Schroeder, MSW, LSW and Craig Schroeder, Cleveland Clinic patient

655. E H Peterson PhD

656. Andrea Jones, MS RD LD (retired)

657. Anita Brown, Citizen of these United States, Federate Women of Ohio

658. Laura Thogmartin, educator

659. Thomas R. Hanf MD MPH, Veterans Healthcare Administration

660. Laura O’Donnell, Insurance

661. Suzanne Herbener, retired psychiatrist

662. Carolyn T. Casper, President, Ohio Natiinal Organization for Women

663. Rebecca Franck, Retired Public School Teacher

664. Tiff Wolf

665. John Waugh, Cleveland Clinic Patient

666. Jonathan Michels, RT(R), Novant Health

667. Cynthia D. Johnson, Retiree

668. Pamela Rosado, community advocate & organizer

669. Charlie & Pam Mizer, none

670. Stephanie Dawn Hanson, The Fairmount Group

671. Eileen Cantlin-Verbus, Long Time Cleveland Clinic Patient

672. Matthew Hirth

673. Marsha McCroden

674. Bruce Amsel, Retired Federal employee

675. Ellen Morris, Retired

676. Thomas Piteo A&P IA

677. Andrea Wittmer, M.L.I.S.

678. Julie Wittmer, Patient 30+years

679. Jean Nadeau, Ms

680. Steve Makovec

681. Reuben Hann

682. Connie Hammond, R.Ph. , retired

683. Jane Buder Shapiro, PhD, Psychologist

684. Lauren Wyeth, BSE, MEM, Cleveland Clinic

685. Beth Eggleston

686. Pamela McKee, Co-President, National Organization for Women, Greater Cleveland Chapter

687. Owen Leonard

688. Lynne Peters, RN, retired

689. Janet Thomas, retired

690. Ronald Thomas, laborer

691. Amy Naughton, RN, BSN, Student Registered Nurse Anesthetist, Case Western Reserve University

692. Ethel Guttenberg/ Retired RN

693. Jeremy Shapiro, Ph.D., Case Western Reserve University

694. Tara Easterling, Clinic patient

695. Gregory Lam, MD, OhioHealth, The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center

696. Mr . Benjamin F.m Preston Retired, JCPenney CO>

697. Steve Gassman

698. Kristin Foley, MD

699. Mrs. Sandra Ryan, Patient

700. Lynn Bartels, Former Patient

701. Anita Somani MD, FACOG, Riverside Methodist hospital

702. Melissa Johnson, Cleveland Clinic patient (NO LONGER)

703. Todd Fennimore, Adjunct Assistant Professor , UH Department of Family Medicine and Community Health, CWRU School of Medicine

704. Lisa Keder, MD

705. Jane R. Larson, retired teacher, former elementary teacher in Toledo & Sylvania

706. Chanelle Diaz, MD, MPH, Montefiore Medical Center

707. Cheri Rourke, M. Ed., N. Royalton City Schools

708. Peggy Gerds, RN BSN, Citizen

709. S Amato, Educator, High school

710. Kathie Lester, patient, None

711. Kenneth B. Frisof MD

712. Katherine Joyce, MPH; MD candidate, Northeast Ohio Medical University

713. Susan Streitel, retired Cleveland Teacher, Cleveland Public Schools

714. Malavika Kesavan M.D. Candidate, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

715. Michelle R. Foster, MSW, LISW-S

716. C Cooley

717. Eileen Zakel, Patient and educator

718. Anthony Choi, Ms PhD, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

719. Elana Curry, MD candidate, Ohio State University College of Medicine

720. Michael Zingman, MD candidate , Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons

721. E. B. VanLaningham

722. Sandra L. Curry, Ph.D. , Case Western Reserve School of Medicine & Dept. of Psychological Sciences

723. Lisa Kollins, Administrator, Social Justice Institute, CWRU

724. Adrienne Fischer, CCF Patient

725. Kathy Choi , retired social worker

726. Salam Bachour, MD/MPH candidate, Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine

727. DaShawn Hickman MD/PhD candidate, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

728. Edward George

729. Gertrude Kelso, Retired

730. Judith Moseley, Retired from Public Health

731. Mary Ann Cestarich, Patient

732. Tonga Cox

733. J Michael Johnson retired teacher

734. Therese L. Lueck, PhD, Professor Emerita, The University of Akron

735. diane farley insured

736. Malcolm baroway, Osu pr vp retired

737. Monica Morris MD, VCU-CMH

738. Sarah Vourlojianis, Retired CNP, Cleveland Clinic

739. Thomas Pretlow, M.D. Professor Emeritus of Pathology, Oncology, Urology, and Environmental Health Sciences School of Medicine Case Western Reserve Univ., Case Western Reserve School of Medicine

740. Rachael Hersey

741. Rehan Waheed, MD

742. Gigi Traore

743. Linda, MSW, ACSW, LISW-S and Rick Butler, Butler Consulting

744. Meaghan Combs MD, MPH, IBCLC, MetroHealth

745. Molly Howland, MD Candidate 2018, CWRU School of Medicine

746. Darrell Opfer, Retired Ohio State legislator and public school teacher

747. Teri Heer, LPC

748. Raymond DiCarlo

749. Tony Minor, D. Min., Community of Faith Assembly

750. John E Hartman, , Ohio Dept of Health, retired

751. Vilma Kolacz-Belanger, Ph.D., teacher, patient

752. Melinda Barnhardt Indivisible Springfield, OH, An outstanding medical institution such as the Cleveland Clinic should not be supporting a president who continually threatens to take away Americans’ healthcare.

753. Michelle Cruz MD/PhD Candidate, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

754. Joan Meadows LPN, Heartland Nursing Home

755. Erin Shiba, Cleveland Clinic patient

756. Dr. J L Underfer, Retired Prof.

757. Courtney Noster, M.Ed., LPC, Ohio Counselor Association

758. Linda Lynch

759. Jeanne corwin MD, For Women, inc

760. Angie Simone RN, Lakeland Community College ASN

761. Nancy Strapp, retired teacher, Retired

762. Mrs. Pamela Hollenbeck

763. Brenda Hiles, RETIRED

764. Garry Mosier, CEO, Mercer Residential Services, Inc

765. Dr Eileen Goldman, Viola Startzman Health Clinic

766. Robin Clark, MA University of Akron, Akron Public Schools, Ret.

767. Mr. Carmen Castaldi , Sound artist and teacher.

768. Paula Hubert, Patient

769. Robert Barkley/retired educator/organizer, Education organization

770. Anne Winkelman

771. vicki macina

772. Cecelia Merlo

773. Eric Waldman, MSW, Cleveland Clinic Patient

774. Pamela Smith — Retired Teacher, Jackson City Schools

775. Mary Guiler, retired high school math teacher

776. Jean Maloney/Home Healthcare

777. Dr. Tommie Radd

778. Lisa Masters

779. Loretta Myers

780. Antonnette Graham PhD, CWRU School of Medicine

781. Pam Lance RN, Retired

782. John J. Leonard, None

783. Lucy Anne McKosky, retired, Mount Holyoke College

784. Kerri Symes, BSSW, OSU

785. Karen Morell, JD

786. Lu Roth, oridnary citizen, none

787. Cara Kulwicki

788. Michelle Rodio

789. Sara Wilson, retired

790. Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Galloway, Retired

791. Christine Reaves, Cleveland Clinic patient

792. John T. McNay, PhD, University of Cincinnati

793. Ruth lapp, Mother of former patient

794. Sarah Fisher

795. Mary Dixon, Ph.D., School Psychologist

796. Ronald L. Luyster, Retired Ohio Public Employee

797. Lynne Baird

798. Linda Fitzpatrick , Customer

799. Brian Saunders, IT Administrator , Comprehensive women’s care, Inc.

800. Anna, Dixon

801. Laura Johnson RN-FNP Student

802. Linda New

803. Tammy Birk, PhD , Otterbein University and former Clinic patient

804. Cornell Corsatea Jr., Open Heart Surgery Patient-1960 and 2016

805. Sarah Jonaus MD, The Ohio State Wexner Medical Center

806. Adam Brown, Senior Principal

807. Kathryn Goshe, Patient of 10 Cleveland Clinic providers

808. Laurie Fiesler, Small Business Owner

809. Christine Carli , Concerned citizen

810. Andrea S. White, PhD, Kenyon College

811. Laura Weems

812. Joe Michles, RRT, RN , Retired

813. Kelly Smock, Cleveland Clinic patient

814. Christine Anderson, at the Cleveland Clinic

815. Debra Drew M. Ed., The Atma Center

816. Chris Hahn

817. Janet Morrison, Patient

818. Kim Seal, Patient and financial contributor.

819. Daniel J Brustein, MD, CWRU School of Medicine

820. Barbara Baird, RN, MSN, LTC USAR Retired, Citizen of Ohio

821. Michael Baird, PhD Retired, University of Pittsburgh

822. P Hickey EMT, Nationally Certified EMT

823. Anne Ricciardi, MS

824. David Lipstreu, AICP, Planning Consultant

825. Mariam El-Shamaa

826. Linda Kresak

827. Susan O’Brien, PMHCNS-BC, Neighborhood Family Practice

828. Natalie hinchcliffe, DO, Metrohealth

829. Mary Keating, MA, MSW, Neighborhood Family Practice

830. Jane R Freeman, LISW-S, DCSW, Akron General Cleveland Clinic, Northeast Ohio Medical University

831. Matt Marton, Aclara, Inc.

832. Elizabeth Noyes, Harvard Medical School

833. Lavinia Mitroi, DrPH Candidate, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

834. Cherie Ramirez, PhD

835. MD Candidate, FIU Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine

836. Maria Simoneau, staff, Harvard Chan School of Public Health

837. Mary Sears, M.S./science librarian, Harvard University, Ernst Mayr Library

838. Deb Milstein, Harvard Chan School of Public Health

839. Susan Block, MD, Harvard Medical School

840. Jeffrey Needleman M.Ed.

841. Kailan Sierra-Davidson, MD candidate, Harvard Medical School

842. Nina Ragunanthan, MD, Magee-Womens Hospital

843. Najma Razzak MD

844. Barbara Engel, daughter of patient who uses Cleveland Clinic

845. Juliet Bowler, Harvard Law School Project on Disability

846. Nancy Sampson, Senior Researcher I , Harvard Medical School

847. Simone Payment

848. Julia Nash, CRC, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

849. Alan Packard, Ph.D.

850. Christine Bohne, DrPH candidate , Harvard University

851. Gaelle Desbordes, PhD, Massachusetts General Hospital

852. Allison Ryder

853. Donald M. Berwick, MD

854. Alice Smythe, patient, Dana Farber

855. Sonya Charles, Associate Professor, Cleveland State University

856. Katie Cueva, ScD

857. Carl Fleisher MD, University of California, Los Angeles

858. Rebecca Maxey

859. Myriam Armant, PhD, Boston Children’s Hospital

860. Ahmed Elnaiem, MD Cadidate , Harvard Medical School

861. Alexander Dills, medical student, Midwestern University — CCOM

862. Sally Scholl RN, Dept. of veterans affairs

863. Savannah Bergquist, PhD candidate, Harvard University

864. Laura S., PhD Candidate, Boston University School of Public Health

865. Noah Pestana M.S., MIT

866. David Jones, retired

867. Ana Weil MD , Massachusetts General Hospital

868. Tim Maxton

869. Larry Rosenberg, senior research associate, Harvard School of Public Health

870. Sonya Miklowski

871. John Quackenbush, PhD, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

872. Trudy Bond, Psychologist, Independent

873. Susan Edgman-Levitan PA, Massachusetts General Hospital

874. Michael Simons, Dana Farber

875. Dan Schwarz, MD MPH, Brigham & Women’s Hospital

876. Robert Walz

877. Alexander Rabin, MD, Massachusetts General Hospital

878. Amy Ton, Medical Student, UCSF School of Medicine

879. Katie Moravec, PhD, MIT

880. Regina LaRocque, MD MPH, Harvard Medical School/Massachusetts General Hospital

881. G. Petur Nielsen M.D., Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School

882. Carolyn Becker MD, Brigham and Women’s Hospital

883. Alicia Powell, M.D., Northeastern University

884. Annie Berens, MD Candidate, Harvard Medical School

885. David Opp, MPH candidate, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

886. Fenna Krienen, PhD, Harvard Medical School

887. Cassidy Stevens, MSW, MPH Candidate , Boston University

888. Ilana Kelsey, PhD candidate, Harvard University

889. Kenneth Scott, Retired

890. Siva Sundaram, MD candidate, Harvard Medical School

891. Maura Copeland MD, Lahey Outpatient Center

892. Claudia Bogen

893. Daniel R. Parsignault, PhD., Retired

894. Belial Bynx, Cancer Patient

895. Hemen Muleta, MD, Harvard Medical School

896. Leah Wibecan, MD, MPH, Massachusetts General Hospital

897. Joan Norris, former cancer patient, Dana Farber

898. Amy Harlib

899. Prof. Mary Baine Campbell, PhD, former CC patient, Brandeis University

900. Dianne Plantamura, MSW, Executive Director, New England College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine

901. Emily Unger MD Candidate , Harvard Medical School

902. Peter Olds, MD, Brigham and Women’s Hospital

903. Amanda Christie, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

904. Gail E. Horowitz, JD

905. Aiham Korbage, MD, Lowell General Hospital

906. Mareike Larsen, CI/CT/OTC, Sign Language Interpreter

907. Agatha Brzezinski, MD/MPH Candidate, Harvard Medical School/Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health

908. Paul Copeland, MD, Harvard Medical School

909. Mustafa A. Haque, MD, Centers for Advanced Orthopaedics

910. Virginia May Schiros, Intervention Specialist

911. Wesley Chou, MD candidate, Harvard Medical School

912. Kate Andrews, Concerned Health Care Customer

913. Jamie Wong PhD, Harvard Alumnus

914. Lydia A. Shrier, MD, MPH, Boston Children’s Hospital

915. Becka DeSmidt

916. Charles Homer, MD, MPH, Harvard Medical School

917. Evan Michael Shannon, MD, MPH, Brigham and Women’s Hospital

918. Linda J. Kovitch, CRNA, RRT, MSN

919. Suzanne Leslie, Disabilities Advocate

920. Miriam Zichlin, MPH, Analysis Group, Inc.

921. Galina Tan, MD , Cambridge Health Alliance/Harvard Medical School

922. Marta Santoa BSN RN

923. Beth Zeeman MD, Newton Wellesley Hospital

924. Alik Widge, MD, PhD, Harvard Medical School

925. John Spalding/Indie Broadcaster,

926. Janice Shields / Patient

927. Juliana Morris, MD, EdM, University of California San Francisco

928. Timothy Averill, Parent of Patient, Waring School

929. Anne Marie Williams, MD, Swedish Medical Center

930. Howard Waitzkin, MD, PhD, University of New Mexico

931. Patricia Courtney RN, ANA

932. ALEXIS KRUMME, PHD candidate , Harvard school of public health

933. Romit Bhattacharya, MD, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School

934. Jacqueline N. Chu, MD, Massachusetts General Hospital

935. Amanda Westlake, MD

936. Elizabeth Walsh, MD, Massachusetts General Hospital

937. kay calvert business owner, business

938. Robert Goldstein, MD, PhD, Massachusetts General Hospital

939. Kelsey Hills-Evans, MD, Massachusetts General Hospital

940. Meaghan Colling, MD, Massachusetts General Hospital

941. Stephanie Yesner RN, retired

942. Lauren Drabic

943. John Sullivan

944. Patricia Denny/customer of CC

945. Genie Moore, PhD, Vanderbilt University

946. Dr. Lain Pierce, postdoctoral scholar, Cleveland Clinic

947. James Collins, MPA, Cleveland Clinic pattient, retired

948. Mary McNamara, patient/customer

949. Eric Sheffield

950. Patricia B Collins

951. Michael Polsinelli, DC, Advanced Spinal Care Center

952. Anthony Bifulco

953. Charles Merbitz, PhD, BCBA-D, Cleveland Clinic Patient

954. Laura Solomon, MLS

955. Patricia Blochowiak, M.D.

956. Dorothy Lemmey, PhD, RN, Retired

957. Laura Kolbe, MD, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard University

958. Catherine B. Iannadrea LISW-S

959. Christine Williams, MSN, CNP, FAANP Nurse Practitioner

960. Ken Frisof MD

961. Shannon Hoffman, Licensed PTA

962. Marigene McHale, CCF consumer VeloSano participant x3 years

963. Stephanie McFadden

964. Nanette Yannuzzi, Higher Education-Professor

965. Dinah Manista, Cleveland Clinic patient

966. Brena Sena, MPH, Boston University School of Public Health

967. Matt Marshall

968. Laurie Albright, School Psychologist

969. Jason Griffith MD/PhD, Massachusetts General Hospital

970. Dr. Edna B. Chun, HigherEd Talent

971. Donna McBride

972. Barbara Gallo

973. Martha Sharkin

974. John Holian, Ph.D.

975. Rachel Klabunde, MS, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

976. Harriet Chenkin, MPS

977. Dorene Kray, heart transplant 23 yrs, kidney 13years transplant patient. all docs are ccf. M.Ed., retired college instructor,

978. Ann Marie Knotek

979. Christine Sell

980. Valerie Robinson, MS Biology

981. Marian Medvec, Patient, retired

982. mark eisenberg md, Harvard Medical School

983. Lucia Ricci, Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health

984. Kimberly Mann

985. Mrs. Leslie Switalski

986. Brandon Bergman, PhD, Massachusetts General Hospital

987. Forrest Snyder

988. Sara Maskal, MD candidate

989. Tim Tavcar, Cleveland Clinic SP program participant, WordStage Literary Concerts

990. Mary Anne Bromelmeier , IT Manager

991. Aisha James, MD, Massachusetts General Hospital

992. Lissy Gulick/

993. Rachel J. Chapman, PhD Candidate, City University of New York

994. Dynester Bolar-Speights, Case Western School of Medicine

995. Anna Soref

996. Nancy L. Drinan, A.L.M., Boston Children’s Hospital


998. Linda Chopra, Concerned citizen & voter, Cuyahoga County, OH, Retired Librarian

999. Paul M. Brinich, PhD, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

1000. Arthur and Patricia Bacon

1001. Nora Hennessy

1002. David C Osler MD MPH, Harvard Medical School

1003. Thomas Michel, MD, PhD, Professor of Medicine and Biochemistry, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School

1004. Lisa Dobberteen MD, Cambridge Health Alliance & Harvard Medical School

1005. Bonnie Gordon, Teacher, Shaker Heights Schools

1006. Carol Thombs, Retired science teacher/professor

1007. Christina Hlavaty, RN

1008. Lisa A. Mack, Assistant Director of Law, Cleveland Law Department

1009. Gregory Hagan, MD, FAAP, Cambridge Health Alliance

1010. George Karandinos, MD/PhD candidate, Harvard

1011. Elliot B. Davidson, MD, Cleveland Clinic Akron General

1012. Wendy Looman

1013. Mrs, Karen Jones, retired RN, Retired

1014. Julie Horn, Clinic Patient , Wife of Heart Transplant recipient

1015. Bob Parker, Cleveland Clinic patient

1016. Barbara Ague BS Pharm, MSA, Retired from UH Portage

1017. Stacy Sigler, RN, University Hospitals

1018. Jeannette Sorrell, professional musician, Apollo’s Fire Baroque Orchestra

1019. Emily Cleveland, MD, MPH, Massachusetts General Hospital

1020. Jeanne Sorrell, RN, PhD, Walden University

1021. Nathan Hetrick

1022. April Firstencel

1023. Lecia V. Sequist, Massachusetts General Hospital

1024. Sandi White, Community and Civic Activist

1025. Marietta Morrissey, Ph.D.

1026. Eva M Hurst, Citizen

1027. Alison Bateman-House PhD, MPH, NYU Langone Health

1028. Inge Orendt, M.A., RETIRED

1029. Lindie Keaton, teacher, family member of patient

1030. sarah canale, MD, cambridge health alliance, Harvard Medical school

1031. Marisa Rogers MD, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine

1032. Kathy Rinehart, RN

1033. Sherri Gouddou, UH

1034. Stephanie Riccobene, MA

1035. Marsha McCroden

1036. Maureen McGeary Concerned Citizen

1037. Carol Braden

1038. Steffie Woolhandler MD MPH MA , City University of New York

1039. Sam Tanyos, MD, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard University School of Medicine

1040. Nancy Newman, Cleveland Clinic, Retired

1041. Amanda R. Howland MFA

1042. Rachel Hill

1043. Mrs. Michelle Ramey, montessori teacher., Westshore montessori school

1044. Allison Kipling, MS BME, Case Western Reserve University

1045. Ani Karetka

1046. Anastasia Rowland-Seymour, MD- mother of a patient, Case Western Reserve University, Metro Hospital

1047. Janet Lipstreu, LMT, Service Provider, Veterans Administration

1048. Leigh Peterson

1049. Kathy Cole-kelly, MS, MSW. Professor, CWRU School of Medicine

1050. Michelle Gilbert, CA, APAIA, Holistic Health Educator

1051. Sharon Whitaker, MSW, LISW, Social Worker

1052. Melissa Anderson M.ED, Educational Service Center of Cuyahoga Co. / Intervention Specialist

1053. Marlene Goldheimer, Cleveland Clinic Patient

1054. Leigh Simmons, MD, Massachusetts General Hospital

1055. Gail Harwell, Education

1056. Jane Hazen, Cleveland Clinic Patient

1057. Nate Wilson

1058. Susan Knotek

1059. Jessica Schemm, MD

1060. Margaret Lynch, Free lance writer

1061. T. Camille Martin Asst. Dean , Pratt Institute

1062. Kathleen Corey, MD Assistant Professor Medicine, Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital

1063. John Dunlavey, patient

1064. Lynn Ondrey Gruber, J.D., Retired, former Assistant Secretary and Associate Counsel, Cleveland Clinic Foundation

1065. Benjamin Gregg

1066. Laura Zimmerman

1067. Kellie McIvor

1068. Laura Perrotta, Actor

1069. Karen E. Thomas, Paralegal, Seeley Savidge Ebert & Gourash Co. LPA

1070. Laurie Bell, Patient

1071. Thomas A. Meyrose

1072. Mary Osburn, , Ombudsman, retired, Cleveland Clinic

1073. Mary Osburn, , Ombudsman, retired, Cleveland Clinic

1074. Bethany Miller

1075. Alma Olson, DNP, FNP, University of Akron

1076. George Romar, M.D. Candidate, Harvard Medical School

1077. Shelley Andrews-Hinders, retired

1078. Linda Stamm, Retired

1079. Lana Marcella, retired

1080. Sarah Block, Patient

1081. Janet Oliver

1082. Lauren Emes, Marriage and Family Therapist-Trainee

1083. Constance Smith, HSPH

1084. Lisa L Wiley

1085. Jana Nassif, Finance Director

1086. Sheila D Lanning, Assistant Fiscal Officer, Lorain Public Library System

1087. Robert kunkle

1088. Susanna , Adoption Neetwork Cleveland

1089. Kavitha Prakash, MD, Harvard Medical School

1090. Daniel Lynch, Citizen

1091. Ethan Goodman, MPA, Indivisible CLE

1092. Katherine J. Kinstler

1093. Carolyn Griesser

1094. David Ritzenthaler, MD candidate, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

1095. Tiffany Kyo, MD candidate, CWRU School of Medicine

1096. Johnny Su, MD candidate, Case Western University SOM

1097. Erica Stevens, MD Candidate, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

1098. Kathryn Little, health care “consumer”, UH

1099. Adil Menon, MD candidate, Case Western Reserve SOM

1100. Gayle Butler

1101. Arthur Carey

1102. Tymon Dickson, MD candidate, Case Western SOM

1103. Antoinette Fraser

1104. Navkiranjot Kaur, MD Candidate, CCLCM

1105. Carol Lee, MD Candidate, Case Western Reserve University

1106. Stephanie L. Wagner

1107. Shree Sundaresh, MD candidate, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

1108. Adriana Collada, Medical Student, Case Western Reserve University

1109. Michael Cole, Clinic patient

1110. Adrian Gomez-Nguyen MD/PhD Student, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

1111. Sean Smith MD Candidate, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

1112. Anise Bowman, MD/PhD candidate, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

1113. Sahana Somasegar, MD Candidate, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

1114. Uriel Kim, MD/PhD candidate, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicineq

1115. Dylan Ely , Case Western School of Medicine

1116. Hannah Groveman, MD Candidate, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

1117. Greggor Mattson, PhD, Oberlin College

1118. Wendy Mizanin RN CCM, Molina Healthcare of Ohio

1119. Elisabeth Sobczak, citizen

1120. Hannah Cundall, MD candidate, CWRU School of Medicine

1121. Alexis Dunning, MD candidate, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

1122. Robert M. Fowler, PhD, Professor, Baldwin Wallace University

1123. Jessica Asirwatham

1124. Lucas Lin, MD candidate, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

1125. Laura Childers, Engineer, Sherwin Williams

1126. Rustin Zomorodi, MD Candidate, Case Western Reserve University

1127. Angelica Ehioba, MD candidate, Case Western Reserve School of Medicine

1128. Olivia Houck, MPH, CPH

1129. Nick Cooper, ThimasJefferson University Hospital

1130. Shirley Howe, Retired

1131. Heather Hopp, CMOM, Office of Dr Gary J Volfre DPM

1132. Linda S. Frayer, patient instructor, Cleveland Free Clinic

1133. Kimberly Balyeat BSN RN, Mount Carmel West Hospital

1134. Zach Bernstein

1135. Fehmida Kapadia PhD

1136. Andrew Zelman, Euclid Media Group

1137. Emily Niloufar Ahadizadeh, MD Candidate, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

1138. Emily Colon, Medical Student at CWRU

1139. Tamara L. Bowling, FNP, Clinic, Homecare

1140. Chad Gracia, Concerned citizen

1141. Vanessa Fuentes, MD candidate , CWRU SOM

1142. Geoffrey Sedor, MD Student, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

1143. Kaeleen Boden, MD, Brigham and Women’s Hospital

1144. Mary Humphreys, Cleveland Clinic patient

1145. Tracy Potter, MRI student at Owens CC

1146. Aritra Dey, Medical Student, CWRU School of Medicine

1147. Isaac Levine, Medical Student, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

1148. Kristin Lambert-Jenkins, MD Candidate, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

1149. Theresa Kamenir

1150. Ashwin Kelkar, MD Candidate, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

1151. Laurie Hill, Public school district

1152. Ben Bell, master’s student, CWRU, Indiana University

1153. Barbara Lafferty RN, Columbus City Schools

1154. Jo Henderson-Frost, MD, MGH

1155. Rachana Gudipudi, M.D. candidate, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

1156. Solomon Freilich, citizen

1157. Cheryl and Tom (previous patient) Smyers, Retired

1158. Kirkland Wilson MD/PhD candidate, Case western reserve university

1159. Jan Frey, RN

1160. Maricruz Rivera, PhD, MD Candidate, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

1161. Avery Davis Bell, PhD Candidate, Harvard Medical School

1162. Mary Zukiewicz PA-C, Retired VA Hospital

1163. Evelyn Kountoupes, client/patient, concerned citizen, Reired substitute school teacher

1164. Christopher Frey, JD

1165. Debra K Shankland, health product consumer

1166. Kaylyn Gamertsfelder Bass, Graduate Student, Cleveland State University

1167. Bradley Powell, Ph.D. Candidate, Case Western Reserve University

1168. Victoria Byrd, MD Candidate, Case Western

1169. Andrew DeFratis

1170. Marie Frey

1171. Penny D Winkle, LISW-S, LPCC-S, The Ohio Staye University

1172. Janine Nottgrr

1173. Justina Valentine citizen, na

1174. Stephanie L. Wagner

1175. Sezny Watkins, patient

1176. Maureen Frey, Soon to be former patient

1177. Barb Golden, KSU

1178. Marcia Romoser

1179. Joshua Jones

1180. Mary Clarkin CNP, Cleveland Clinic

1181. Padma S, Concerned Citizen

1182. Abby Anderson CNP, Cleveland Clinic

1183. Anu Garg

1184. Sarah McGrew, Retired nurse

1185. Diana Morrison RN, Retired OSSu Werner Medical center

1186. Janice C. Aselin, Non-Medical affiliation

1187. Dr Laura Mekhail, CWRU

1188. Vanessa Pesec

1189. Amy Kleinfelter SLP, -

1190. Christina Hermann, Relationship Coach

1191. Christopher Boisvert, MD candidate, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

1192. John Curry, Retired Ohio public school educator

1193. Janet Oliver

1194. Ishaan Desai, Harvard Medical School, Partners In Health

1195. John Watson, Ph D. , Bristol-Myers Squibb Co.

1196. Monica H. Green, PhD, Arizona State University

1197. Krista Weber LPN , Mccrea Manor

1198. Eric Xie, MD Candidate , Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

1199. Diana Huang, MD/MA, Swedish Medical Center

1200. Susan Rebecca Teller, Student, George Washington University

1201. Brittany Sharp, RN, Wexner Medical Center

1202. Jessica S. Ancker, MPH, PhD, associate professor , Weill Cornell Medical College

1203. Sandy Lindahl, Certified Fund Raising Executive

1204. Thea Rhinehardt , First Capital

1205. Jessica Will, University hospitals

1206. William J. Keller

1207. The Rev. Lisa O’Rear MDiv, J.D., Diocese of Ohio

1208. Michael Kovacs

1209. Jessica Potter, Patient of Cleveland Clinic

1210. Niklas Bauer, Case Western Reserve University — Weatherhead

1211. Trenton Rivera, MD candidate, Case Western Reserve University

1212. Cathy Cowan Becker, MPA/MENR candidate, Ohio State University

1213. Ann Cooper

1214. Rev. Charlotte Still Noble, United Church of Christ

1215. Neil Rupp, OSUWMC IT, OSU Wexner Medical Center

1216. Keli Keyes RN, Hospice of the Western Reserve

1217. Susan Piatt, Long-time Clinic patient

1218. Laurie Miltner

1219. Lecturer, Boston University

1220. Christine L Hemly RN, Retired

1221. Sam Boas, Case Western University School of Medicine

1222. Laura Roberts, Harvard University

1223. Dr. Toni Smith, Columbus State Community College

1224. Mrs Christina Bergmann

1225. Susan Stern

1226. Laura Hmiel, MD candidate, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

1227. Paul Floriano/ Adjunct Professor , JCU

1228. Janet M. Lucas MD, FACOG, Clinical faculty, Ohio State University College of Medicine

1229. Heather de Rivera, Harvard

1230. Spencer Hattemer, community member, SEIU

1231. Charles Supinski, MEd, Retired, Aulrman Hospital Family Practice Residency

1232. Simon Birky Hartmann, concerned human

1233. Kathy Guest

1234. Tonda Young

1235. Megan Steva

1236. Carole J. Adams, Lutheran & Fairview Retiree

1237. Patricia Urban, PhD, Kenyon College

1238. Michael McHale, Velosano

1239. Bethany Dearwester RN, Hospital

1240. Jeanette R.

1241. Ryan Collins

1242. Julia Newland taxpayer , Home sick

1243. Vern Morrison, Cleveland State University

1244. Sarah Reinbolt

1245. Jean Wedding, retired educator, school board member

1246. Jill Westbrook, MA Counseling, Quaker Digital Academy

1247. Daniel S. Spiegel, PhD, Kutztown University Department of Computer Science and Information Technology

1248. Matthew Verkamp

1249. Cristine Hoffmann, Patient

1250. Ann Bryner Hedington, MLS, M.Ed, N/a

1251. Yolanda Niemoller-van der Burg, PT, LLA Therapy

1252. Audrey Henderson

1253. Monica Figueiredo, #GetOrganizedBK — grassroots organization

1254. Lucas Keeran, Board of Developmental Disabilities

1255. Barbara Kates, LPC, Cleveland Clinic

1256. Ms. Lesley Woodward

1257. Martha Hostetter, Health Care Writer, Pear Tree Communications

1258. Karen Firestone Roderick

1259. Susan Benedict, Educator

1260. Liana Block

1261. Samantha Santoscoy, BA, Columbia University

1262. Nola Lowther phd msn

1263. Ian Shakelton

1264. Anita Davis, Retired police officer, current city council member

1265. Shelagh Cosgrove, Ohio resident and retiree. Have a heart, Cleveland Clinic., Cleveland Clinic, have a heart!

1266. Marian Harris, Concerned Citizen

1267. Catherine B Scallen, PhD , Case Western Reserve Univ.

1268. Jennifer Kay, PhD candidate, MIT

1269. Rachyl Kershaw, Public

1270. Julie Miller, Healthcare Journalist

1271. Barbara George, PhD candidate, Kent State University

1272. Aaron Rubin, JD

1273. Deborah Hirsch

1274. Patricia Manning

1275. Joseph Decker

1276. Lauren Szabo


1278. Barney Singer, JD, CWRU Alum

1279. Kelly DeYoreo

1280. Ms. Bonnie Ess

1281. Dave beckwith, Patient

1282. Kathy McMorrow / cancer survivor

1283. Mark Moore, Patient, CCF

1284. Jen Callahan, MD

1285. Shelley Grant , Retired educator

1286. Maureen McHugh, Patient of CCF

1287. Robyn C. Reed, MD, PhD, Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota

1288. Don Gillman, Retired Military Veteran

1289. Tammara Tipps

1290. Douglas Foster

1291. Marty Martinson, DrPH, San Francisco State University

1292. Grandson of a woman who was kept alive by CC 10 years longer than she was given

1293. India Gill, MPH, Case Western Reserve University

1294. Teresa Scherzer, PhD, University of California

1295. Chris M. Coombe, MPH, PhD

1296. Betty Bidwell RPh, Ohio Pharmacist

1297. Katie Delwiche, NP student , Ohio State College of Nursing

1298. Robert Derham J.D., Hastings

1299. David Walker, PhD, Oberlin College

1300. Kim Black OTR/L, Occupational Therapist

1301. Toni Jones (soon to be former patient if CCF continues to support Trump businesses)

1302. Louisa Scott, RN, BSN, Retired

1303. Lindsay Herr, Patient

1304. Mark and Marlene Hollinger patients

1305. Liesl Nydegger, PhD

1306. Marion Jaeger, Soon to be retiree and concerned citizen

1307. Mary Ann Castle, Ph.D., Senior Associate Planning Alternatives for Change

1308. Jill Christopher, RN, Hospital

1309. Dr. Norris H. Williams, florida museum of natural history

1310. Natalie Tuttle PharmD, BCPS, University of Toledo Medical Center

1311. Lloyd R. MacNeal, retired

1312. Allison Davie/retired, public transit

1313. Reverend , Readings with Reiki

1314. Sam Zeitlin

1315. Nikki Rossetti, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

1316. Adam S., patient

1317. Art Garcia Jr., MPH, SSG Research & Evaluation

1318. Kay Keller, n/a

1319. Alison pignolet, customer

1320. Mary E Gill — Special Education Teacher

1321. Marnee Graham

1322. Alexandra McMillan MD/PhD candidate, Case western scool of medicine

1323. Rakhee Goel, MD, Did my residency at CCF

1324. Mary Beth Webster, Realtor

1325. Linda Greenfield

1326. Sharon Hamersley, Former healthcare employee

1327. Linda kresak

1328. Chris Hartmann, PhD, SUNY Old Westbury

1329. Brenda Moran Schaefer, Ohio Education Association

1330. James Mizerny

1331. Krista Weber LPN , Mccrea Manor

1332. Susan Mizerny

1333. Rev Kristine Eggert, God Before Gns

1334. Lyn Shoots, Person, Mother

1335. Vernon D Patterson, MS DO, Retired CCF and MetroHealth

1336. Ron Jones / Steelworker, Arcelor Mittal Steel

1337. Janet Kidder, RN

1338. Katie Hayduk, CRNA, Cleveland Clinic

1339. Janet Kidder, RN

1340. Keith Bryson , Human being

1341. Liga Zemesarajs , Latvian Cleveland Credit Union

1342. Suzanne Cashman, ScD, MS

1343. Mrs. Jamie Friday, Personal Trainer

1344. Barbara Beck CNP, Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center

1345. Janet Kidder, RN

1346. Susan Medoff, MSW, University of Rochester School of Medicine and .Private Practice

1347. Vicki Gray, US Citizen

1348. Suzanne Garverich, MPH

1349. Tanya Khaled, Patient

1350. Ethan Guillen, Universities Allied for Essential Medicines

1351. Thomas W. Hirt MD

1352. Ellen Irwin Saal Patterson, LISWS

1353. Chris Silverman, PhD, Ex Cleveland Clinic

1354. Steve Laudon, LLPC; LICDC; NBCCH, Private practice

1355. Amy Burns, OTR/L Pediatric Specialist, School Based Practice

1356. Katherine Krauss concerned human being

1357. Melissa Arbu, University Hospitals

1358. Neva Ryan, Licensed Practical Nurse

1359. Debra J. Pelto, MPH, PhD, Access Health Research, LLC

1360. Susan J. Lee, Psy.D.

1361. Robert Ruedisueli

1362. Karen Wavra BSHA-HIS, LPN-IV, CPhT, AmeriBest Home Health, Special Olympics

1363. Eric E. Eglin

1364. Yao-Chieh Cheng, Lewis Katz Schook of Medicine at Temple University

1365. Courtney McMahon

1366. Jill Levin , Patient

1367. Paula Kampf, MA

1368. Brooke Willis, community educator & recruiter, CWRU/UH AIDS Clinical Trials Unit

1369. Teresa Daugherty, past CC patient

1370. Keith and Karen Kerr, retired, CMSD

1371. Jane Peterson, MSN, ND, CNP, Retired

1372. Barbi Holt, RN, MSHS, CCRC, UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas

1373. Kathy Miser, Retired teacher

1374. Marge Adler, Cleveland area resident, Self-employed musician

1375. Sharyl Pickering, MD

1376. Krista Weber LPN , Mccrea Manor

1377. A’isha Samad RN BSN

1378. Donna Schuele, JD/PhD (WRC 79), CSU, Los Angeles

1379. Kathy Yoho, Elementary School Teacher

1380. Jennifer Fredricks, Retired RN, CDE

1381. Jennifer Fredricks, Retired RN, CDE

1382. Gary P. Novak, citizen, voter, retired school administrator

1383. Donald T. Green, Retired engineer, philips healthcare

1384. Karen Willhite LISW-S, Franklin County Children Services

1385. Roehnell Drue, PCC, CSMFT

1386. William B. Jordan, MD, MPH, Albert Einstein College of Medicine

1387. Alyssa Wagner RN, CNP, Hillcrest

1388. Kari Eckel, concerned citizen

1389. Richard Maxey LICDC, LSW, Stella Maris

1390. Gayle Nyswonger, Nurse Practitioner, University of Cincinnati

1391. Jan Bell

1392. Kelly Cunningham , University Hospital

1393. Skye Kellerman

1394. Jay Fisher

1395. Michael Newland, Retired Teacher

1396. Brenda Powell MD, co-medical director Cleveland Clinic Center for Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine, Cleveland Clinic Ohio

1397. Tami Holcomb, MSSA, Youngstown State University

1398. Audrey Helou, Oakland Genetics

1399. Katherine Able-Perkins , Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine

1400. David Gootenberg, MD/PhD Candidate, Harvard Medical School

1401. Mekeila Cook, PhD

1402. Amy Mayhew, MD, MPH, Cambridge Health Alliance

1403. Sharon Parker, CCF Patient

1404. C Bell

1405. Earle Yanowitz, patient, Cleveland Clinic, Retired

1406. Cathy A. Colt MD, Harvard Medical School ‘84

1407. Kathleen Malear, MSN, RN, CNP, Mercy Health Physicians

1408. Eileen Goldman, M.D., retired, UH physician

1409. Asha Leichtman, MD, Pediatrician

1410. Dr. Underfer , retired

1411. Krista Sears social worker, Children’s services

1412. Simona Levsky, MD candidate, Lewis Katz School of Medicine

1413. Nancy Suarez-Tipton, MD Candidate, Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University

1414. Madeline Lederer, MD Candidate, Lewis Katz School of Medicine, Temple University

1415. Robert Weissman, President, Public Citizen

1416. De. Roger Pomerantz, MD, FACp, CEO and Chairman, Seres Therapeutics Inc.

1417. Sidney M. Wolfe, MD, , Founder, Public Citizen Health Research Group, Adjunct Professor of Medicine, CWRU School of Medicine

1418. Brian Berg

1419. Tolulope Rosanwo, MD Candidate, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

1420. Ditte Wolin

1421. Lori Tingley, B.S., Disaster relief volunteer

1422. Judith E. Bender, Retired, Interested citizen and Community Activist and wanting to know WHY the urge to use a Trump facility for fund raising.

1423. Helen Lintala , RN, Louis Stokes VA Medical Center

1424. Christina Moran, Ph.D., MarshBerry

1425. Kenneth J. Bernstein, BFA, MA,LPC, Healthcare, Artist

1426. Margaret Harkness Retired Judges Clerk

1427. Angel Reyes, MD Candidate, Harvard Medical School

1428. Gail Carter RNBSN retired, retired

1429. chris king ms chem eng, retired

1430. Fritz Klemperer, psychologist , Private practice

1431. Kathy Dingethal, M.Ed., Community Activist

1432. Karin Brain

1433. Barbara Andrews

1434. Deloris brain

1435. Greg Coleridge

1436. Ippolytos Kalofonos MD PhD, UCLA

1437. Douglas Fagan/ Web Developer, Contractor

1438. Joanne Davis

1439. Karly Gilbert, LCSW

1440. Kristine Bryan, Patient of the Clinic, all bills Paid by ACA insurance

1441. Alexandra Burg, MSSA, LISW-S, ACSW, BCD, Clinical Social Worker, Private Practice

1442. Tami Masuoka RPh, CVS Caremark

1443. Sandra Welch, MS, Retired, Former Patient?

1444. Andrew Albright, PT, DPT, The Ohio State Univ. Wexner Medical Center

1445. Kelley Breiidgan LISW , The Ohio State University

1446. Lois Cole, Cleveland Clinic patient

1447. Yahia Hegazy, Test Engineer

1448. Lauren Friedman, M.Ed., CRC

1449. Kristopher Barnette / Marketing

1450. Chelsea Biefeld, medical student, Temple University

1451. J. Van Etten, MD Candidate, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

1452. Karen Griffiths

1453. Mark Griffiths

1454. Christian D. Wagner, Lifetime Ohio Resident, Voter, and Tax Payer.

1455. Sofia Murillo, M1, Case Western University School of Medicine

1456. Christopher Klemm, Educator , Columbus City Schools

1457. Heather Sturgill, JOVIS

1458. Alyson Phelan

1459. Patty Boyd RN, Retired

1460. Annette SHAUGHNESSY

1461. Kristi E. Lambert M.A. CCC-SLP

1462. Joan M Smith

1463. Margaret Light Scotece Esq.

1464. Andrea Lui, MD, recent alum of CWRU School of Medicine

1465. Kristen Cuffari, M.A., SLP

1466. Sue Sutton RN, NP, Retired

1467. Joyce Dudash, M.A.T., M.L.S. retired educator, Oberlin College, Firelands Schools

1468. Julianne Kurfila Esq., Law

1469. Jeni Matousek, Patient of CCF

1470. Mrs. Lynne Lupton, BS Education, UA City Schools

1471. Susan Crile, Professor, Hunter College, CUNY

1472. Veronica Dahlberg

1473. Elizabeth Silas-Havas, E-RYT

1474. John R. Stone, MD, PhD, Creighton University

1475. Randall York, Retired Navy

1476. Richard A. Grijalva, PhD Candidate, University of California, Berkeley

1477. Kristin Kranz,MD

1478. Kelly Dougherty, RN, Cleveland Clinic

1479. Douglas Flagg MD

1480. Corin Drummond, Ex-patient

1481. Barbara VonBenken, Patient

1482. Linda Miles M.Ed., M.A, retired teacher, CC patient (maybe former patient)

1483. Cathy Deericks, Retired teacher

1484. Erin Plews-Ogan, MD candidate, Harvard Medical School

1485. Kelley Gruber, child welfare

1486. Lucila Suarez, MD Candidate, Haarvard Medical School

1487. Mark Tang, Loyal patient

1488. Ruth Tang, Loyal patient

1489. Diane R. Owen, MPH, Eldercare Consultant

1490. Michelle Cruz MDPhD Student, Case Western University SOM

1491. Dr. Teresa Janevic, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

1492. Robert E. Berry, Jr, MD, Cambridge Health Alliance

1493. Pamela Routte, patient, patient caregiver at @Picky Pam Lice Removal, Picky Pam Lice Removal

1494. Natalie Frey, MPH, City University of New York

1495. Ben Hoffmann, Patient

1496. Marian Buck

1497. Claire Newland, Educator

1498. Beth Schreiman Gehring INHC, Institute for Integrative Nutrition

1499. Casey Schroeder-Jenkinson, PhD., CWRU

1500. Nancy Schachtel-concerned citizen, Shaker City Schools

1501. Ms. Stacey Steigerwald, Case Western Reserve University

1502. William M. Ondrey Gruber, J.D., Attorney at Law, Clinic patient

1503. Toby Ann Reese

1504. Betsy Rubinstein, MS, InForm Communications

1505. Trudy Bond, Ed.D., Independent Psychologist

1506. Rev. Susanna Goulder, Live Your Goodlife Speaking & Coaching

1507. kathleen lensenmayer

1508. Norman Wernet, President, Ohio Alliance for Retired Americans

1509. Jennifer Lennon, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, Parent of CCF Patient

1510. Rebecca Lin, MD candidate , Lewis Katz School of Medicine

1511. Wallace Huskonen, long-time patient, Retired

1512. Lauren Patricia Szabo

1513. Kathleen Bain MD, Cambridge Health Alliance

1514. Margaret Davis, MD

1515. Amy Siegel, S2N Health

1516. Amy Collins M.D., MetroWest Medical Center

1517. Lindsay Sausville, PhD, Case Western Reserve University

1518. Susan Oelbracht, Financial Services

1519. Chanell R. Upshaw

1520. Edwin Pacheco Colón MS/MBA

1521. Mohammad F. Shaikh, MD, Hahnemann University Hospital

1522. Mrs. Sara Lawrence, Citizen

1523. Kara McLaughlin, DMD candidate, Harvard School of Dental Medicine

1524. Mickey Weinstein MD, MetroHealth

1525. Jennifer Stocz

1526. Michael A. Carome, MD, Public Citizen’s Health Research Group

1527. Christopher Ryder, MD, PhD, Clinical Instructor, University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center and Case Western Reserve University

1528. Meg McIntyre, Domestic Violence Center

1529. Kit Sawyer

1530. Rob Meyer, MD, Harvard Medical School

1531. Darlene Kaminski, RN

1532. Sylvia Watanabe, Professor , Oberlin College

1533. Michael Naso

1534. Mary Ann Kraus PsyD, Psychologist

1535. Michael Christian-Budd, MLIS

1536. Kelley Jacobs

1537. Lisa Steigerwald-Kana, patient, Retired Public School Teacher

1538. Robert Barkley Jr., MA, Retired Executive Director, Ohio Education Association

1539. Walter Freeman, NCSU

1540. PR Mitchell

1541. Dolores Christie, Ph.D. , Former Executive Director, CTSA

1542. Marsha Fields Jones, LISW-S, NASW

1543. Rico Aliers MSTD, United Labor Agency

1544. Melinda Nash, Occupational therapy assistant

1545. Renee Barnow, Retired

1546. Jessica Paine, J.D.

1547. Tamara L. Chappell, President, Emerald Supply, Inc.

1548. Jordan Brown, Massage Therapist

1549. Colleen piscetta, Ellison Technologies

1550. Robert Piscetta, Wilson Sporting Goods

1551. Kathy Francescani/educator, Retired

1552. Quinn M Snyder MD

1553. Samantha Kirby, CCF patient/survivor

1554. Christine Mcintyre, Ph.D., Wittenberg univ.

1555. Hershey Jayasuriya, MD medical director, Michigan state university & Eaton rapids medical center

1556. Amanda Abegglen, SLP, Genesis

1557. Marguerite Francescani, RN,BC, Rutland Regional Medical Center

1558. Renee Alexander RN and patient of CC

1559. Emily Goetschius, Anthropologist, former CCF patient

1560. Lisa C. Navracruz, MD, FAAFP, AAHIVS, Case Medical School, Care Alliance

1561. Richard B Hessler, MD, Cheif of Pathology, Erlanger Medical Center

1562. Lynn Gavigan

1563. Sandra L Luther

1564. Jessica Hirschhorn, MD, Retired

1565. Georgiana and Ted Ely, Shapiro Law Firm

1566. Jessica Hirschhorn, MD, Retired

1567. Carol Stoycos

1568. Roberta Kasman, MD

1569. Bruce Robinson, RN, BSN, Cleveland Clinic

1570. Amy Jenkins — Patient of Cleveland Clinic, GE

1571. Melissa Layton, Student , Kenyon College

1572. Vivian Fiscus LISW-S

1573. Christina Stehouwer, PA, MPH, Care Alliance Health Center

1574. Elaine S

1575. Larry Compston, Teacher

1576. C. H. Snyder

1577. Susan Hanna, Insurance Agent

1578. Roy Wentzel, Community Outreach

1579. Sylvia Chinn-Levy, MS, AICP

1580. Allison Horst

1581. Rebecca McCloskey, MSW, LISW, The Ohio State University

1582. Jo Henderson-Frost, MD, MGH

1583. David Frey, civil engineer

1584. Deborah Likins-Fowler, loyal patient

1585. Chantel Gates, Undergrad of MU OHIO

1586. Melissa Stalnaker

1587. Mary Esner, Patient

1588. Kathryn Brown, Retired Executive, SummaCare

1589. Hsiong Chen, MD , Franklin Square Hospital

1590. Michael Rapp, Insurance agent

1591. Ronald Wolniewicz, None-disabled, Former Carpenter, Truckstop Multi-Worker

1592. Kim Thomas/LPTA, Skilled nursing/Rehab

1593. Constance Magoulias MD, MetroHealth Hospital

1594. Nicholas Styacich, Construction worker

1595. WILLIAM JONES, Clinical Pharmacist

1596. Kristin Klapak, MLT(ASCP), Cleveland Clinic

1597. Danielle Savage MD, Private practice, Morristown hospital

1598. Nancy K Giacomozzi RN

1599. Lisa Collier, American Greetings

1600. Joel Smith, IT Support Professional

1601. Lauren M. Kreiger MD MPH, University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center

1602. Samantha Gordon, MD, Tufts Medical Centrr

1603. Christopher McMarlin

1604. Marion Skalweit M.D. PhD, Case Western reserve university school of medicine

1605. Frances Charteris, retired

1606. Kacie Bartimus

1607. Megan Iammarino, PT, DPTS

1608. Brooke Wolf, MD, Ohio Psychiatric Physicians Association

1609. Rebecca Jameson, MD, SUNY Upstate Hospital

1610. J Ferrato

1611. Angela Flores RN , Women’s Reproductive Healthcare

1612. Christopher Stohre, Clevelander now choosing University Hospitals

1613. Angela Flores RN , Women’s Reproductive Healthcare

1614. EM Corprew, Former Patient

1615. Ron Ferrato, Concerned citizen

1616. Valerie Crowley, Teacher

1617. Tina Ferrato

1618. Kristi Ferrato, University of Akron

1619. Barbara Truitt, MA, scientist

1620. Amulya Nagarur MD, Harvard Medical School, MGH

1621. Stephen Berger, M.D.

1622. Michael Rowbotham, Educator

1623. Kristin Cassidy, long-time patient

1624. Mrs. Ene Cronk, Patient

1625. Patricia K Wilson

1626. Katherine Harris, MD/PhD, Massachusetts General Hospital

1627. Debra Allen-tehrani, Therapist

1628. Brian Webster

1629. Jamila McKenzie, Undergraduate Engineering student at Case Western Reserve University

1630. Ashley Sowers MS, Case Western Reserve University

1631. Steven Volk/Professor Emeritus, Oberlin College

1632. Marissa Jones

1633. B. Cheng, Cleveland Clinic Patient

1634. Neil Korman, MD, PhD, Professor of Dermatology , Case Western Reserve University

1635. Ryan Kane, long time patient, Not medical related

1636. Matt Tobey MD MPH, Massachusetts General Hospital

1637. Evonne Herkert, CNMT

1638. Catherine McDonough/Mgr, Riverside Gables Bed &Breakfast

1639. Anthony Caicco R.A., Architect

1640. Wendy Kozol, Professor, Oberlin College

1641. Paige Kutz

1642. Lisa Myers, MBA

1643. Jing Ren, MD, Massachusetts General Hospital

1644. Donald L. Spencer PhD./ Therapist, Private Practice

1645. Rita Bonomo, MD, VA Medical Center

1646. Liz Melzer

1647. Jennifer Oxley, None

1648. kathryn Spencer, M.A., Teaching, Retired Teacher

1649. Veronica F. Kirby-Lawless

1650. Virginia M. Weiss, LISW-S

1651. Donald Schaedtler / patient, Cleveland Clinic patient

1652. Peter Paladin, MD

1653. Lisa Gregg, MBA

1654. Gabrielle Faggella, LISW-S , Palladium Counseling Group

1655. Braeden Dolan, MD Candidate, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

1656. Anne Ning, MD candidate, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

1657. Allison Heuring, AVP, Case Western Reserve University

1658. Camille Yongue MD Candidate, Case Western Reserve University

1659. Sue Sutton RN, NP, Retired

1660. Melanie Yates, MD candidate, Case Western Reserve University

1661. Cat Ahlberg, MD/MA candidate, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

1662. Kimberly Woo, MD candidate, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

1663. David Shutkin. Ph. D., John Carroll University

1664. Rebekah Russell, Case Western Reserve University

1665. Caroline Erak

1666. Robert A Bonomo

1667. Richard E. Klosterman, Ph.D., University of Akron

1668. Jan Kennedy, RN, CRRN, Employed by Ohio Department of Health

1669. Alexander Vu, MD, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, The MetroHealth System

1670. Anjali Shekar, MD candidate, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

1671. Annita B Jones, Psy.D, Private practice, Adjunct at Lehigh University

1672. Tammy Luan, MD Candidate, Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine

1673. Antonnette Graham PhD, CWRU School of Medicine

1674. Isabel Janmey, MD candidate, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

1675. Elena Fuell Wysong, MD

1676. David Clingingsmith, PhD, CWRU

1677. Karen L Romero, RN, University of Cincinnati Medical Center

1678. Steven L Cochran, MD, Retired

1679. Denise C Woods, PhD, Retired

1680. Katherine Dalzotto, 3rd year medical student, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

1681. Eileen Gallaghr, Cleveland clinic patient

1682. Barbara V. Wolfort, retired

1683. Mrs. Ene Cronk, Patient

1684. Alice Dub, LISW

1685. Erik Mann, Cleveland Clinic patient who now plans to switch to University Hospitals

1686. Gabrielle Watson, Medical Anthropology student, Case Western Reserve University

1687. Jennifer Ives, teacher/Cleveland community member

1688. Glenna Wasko , Formerly Mayo Clinic

1689. Rachel Zhuang, MD candidate, Case Western Reserve University

1690. Diane Pantelis CNP, Mercy Cardiology

1691. Julianne Arnold, Patient

1692. Destiney Burdette

1693. Margo Suryanaga, Data Analytics Consultant, Ernst & Young

1694. Alexis Smith, DO, Steuben Radiology Associates

1695. Amanda Windsor White, Vice President

1696. Alexis Smith, DO, Steuben Radiology Associates

1697. Sally Hanley, Cleveland Clinic patient

1698. Jasmine Lee, CWRU undergrad

1699. Silver John Hall, Ombudsman, Ombudsman Office, Sonoma County, CA

1700. PAUL VIGO, M.D., CCF IM ‘97

1701. Tony Carter, M.D. (retired)

1702. Ms. Carol M

1703. Mr. Melvin M


1705. Craig S Bunker, Auto repair