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Many like to claim that Los Angeles has no culture. As someone who was born in the city… all I can do is scoff at the idea. Part of me doesn’t even want to address such a claim, because it’s rooted in ignorance. Brubaker didn’t even have to address it. He could have moved forward and just told a beautiful story set in the City of Angels… but no… He goes the extra mile. A smile came to my face when after the end of the first issue, there was a guest article posted in the back of the issue, written by Devin Fraci. The article is about the suicide of Peg Entwistle… the failed actress who infamously jumped off of The Hollywood sign and died in the hills below. I’ll let you read the account yourself, but what Brubaker does here by including the article really got to me. I may be reaching here… but it’s like the writers are saying, “this is real, this is the Los Angeles that we live in. Sure, it might be all smoke and mirrors to the people who don’t appreciate it, but people lived and died on these streets in pursuit of stardom, significance, and love.” And it’s right there and then, that I saw that this wasn’t simply about telling pulp fiction — This was about telling L.A.’s story… again. And again and again until all of those naysayers that say there is no culture in that land, finally shut up. Which, obviously… they won’t. But hey — this isn’t a world of happy endings, right?