Go live, finally!

Cleiver C. Carneiro
Nov 3, 2018 · 1 min read

After a couple of months of tense, fast-paced, hard working routine, the eletronic proccess system was deployed! 🎉

The system was developed in PHP, uses Oracle database and requires memcached and solr for optimal functioning.

We have had some problems. The hardest one to solve were related to infrastructure, as we rely on an outsourced company and just them can work on the servers. Software related problems included the database connection not functioning because of an error on the class provided with the system, but a simple update resolved it.

One big problem we had was that we planned to use our own process number generator, so we could maintain the pattern used on our institution. The framework used by the system (unfortunately a proprietary one) has events related to many actions, but regarding the process creation there’s only one that’s triggered just after the creation, so we’re forced to use their generator. 😕

Anyways, no other institution here implemented this system so quick. Users are going to start using it this monday. Now we have to watch for problems, make adjustments and upgrade it with other modules. 🙏

Cleiver C. Carneiro

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Web developer, boardgame player, netflix addicted and etc

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