Laravel Homestead issues 😔

Back in the days, to start a new PHP project all I had to do was to drop my PHP files on some apache folder and everything worked just fine. Jump some years ahead and today I feel like I was in a coma or something. With a simple comand you have a boilerplate ready to start developing. And that’s awesome!


I’ve been struggling with some issues with Laravel Homestead these last weeks that is making me feel… stupid . At first, nginx was simply ignoring the default configuration. Then, the shared folders were not synchronizing. After that, I couldn’t write files into the folders because root didn’t have permissions.

All these problems were solved simply by deleting the files and installing again. But there’s one problem that is discouraging me: I’m simply unable to use NPM because aparently it doesn’t have sufficient permissions to write in its own folder. I’ve tried dozens of different solutions and nothing changes. At this point, after reading so many “solutions”, I’m confident that it is something between Windows 10 Home Edition and Vagrant, this error is too specific to be anything else. 😓

That was when I realized that I have always worked on windows stations and deployed on linux servers and have never had a problem.

And on top of everything, this is suposed to be my study station, not a live server. So I installed Laragon and now everything is working fine. 💃

Cleiver C. Carneiro

Written by

Web developer, boardgame player, netflix addicted and etc

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